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Lydia Does A Great Job On Some Cakes!!!

Lydia’s one of our cake bakers and decorators (we’re a pretty small shop — you can’t do one or the other exclusively).  I love Lydia.  She’s a great worker and really does a wonderful job for us.  But Emily, our lead designer and decorator, often gets the lion’s share of cakes that are featured on […]


Southern Homes Magazine article on Twiggs!!

Just had a nice article on Twiggs in Southern California Homes Magazine! Read all about us!  Referring to Twiggs as a “southern bakery for the Southern Californian” was something I came up with when I was answering their questions.  I’d never really thought of us that way, but when I was describing us, that phrase […]


To Each Their Own

Okay, I’m way overdue on writing a blog post but we’ve just been super busy.  I’m working on revamping our lunch menu to make it as enticing as our breakfast menu.  We have a very strong breakfast business and there’s no reason our lunch business can’t be as strong.  So changes are on the way.  […]


Spring is in the Air!

Spring is here, which means we’re back in the wedding cake business in a big way.  Growing up in the South, groom’s cakes were a standard part of any wedding reception.  I’ve found a lot of people outside the South aren’t that familiar with them, though the Red Velvet Armadillo in Steel Magnolias did clue […]


Opening Day!!

Ok, I generally like to start these blog posts off with one of our more impressive recent efforts.  But today is Opening Day for Major League Baseball and I’m a Padres fan.  The Padres organization is 70 years old this year as is Gigi, a die-hard fan her whole life.  We recently did a birthday […]


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