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Happy Holidays!!!
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Happy Holidays!!!

Custom Cakes

Happy Holidays Everyone!  It’s the season of giving, so I thought I’d talk briefly about donations.  People ask Twiggs for donations all the time.  We could probably spend 25% of our time working on nothing but donations if we took on every request we get.  That would be a fast track to bankruptcy, so we can’t agree to everything.  I generally say ‘yes’ to donation requests for causes  that I have some personal connection or experience with.  But occasionally, someone will hit me at the right time and I’ll agree to a donation for a cause I really have no personal connection to.   Zoe contacted me way back in March about donating a cake to a holiday party the San Diego Spina Bifada Association.  They hold a party in early December for all the kids in San Diego living with Spina Bifida.  Although I personally know no one with spina bifida, the thought of doing some small thing for all those kids with such challenges appealed to me.  They basically gave me free rein to do whatever, so I made a fun holiday cake with Christmas Trees, Gingerbread Men, and Snowmen, including a 3-D Rice Krispy Treat Snowman topping the cake.   I had fun working on the cake and delivering it.  Hopefully, it brought a few smiles.

It wasn’t all Jingle Bells and eggnog last week.  Debbie was turning 50 and she’s a huge Rolling Stones fan, going so far as to take vacation time to follow them on tour.  So one of her friends decided to get her a 2-D replica of the Rolling Stones tongue.  It was a fun cake.

We’re still on a damask roll.  Here’s an elegant cake with a damask stencil on the bottom and a quilted fondant pattern on top.

Below are more cakes we did this past weekend.  First is a tiered cake with a chevron pattern that goes from golden to pale yellow.  This was actually a gender reveal cake.   I can tell the world now that there’s a new little boy coming along.  Next is a birthday cake for a teenager that’s pink with black zebra stripes.  Next is a cute kid’s cake for twins with a giraffe and monkey on the cake.  Next is yet another Hello Kitty Mermaid and then a Super Girl themed cake.  Lastly, there’s a cake for a Rock Climber.  Click on any image to see a larger version.





So that’s it for another week’s highlights.  I hope everyone is gearing up for the holidays.  Don’t forget that Twiggs has Pumpkin Cakes and Spice Cakes that we’re running through the end of December as holiday specials.  We also have Stollen and several varieties of Christmas Cookies.   Thanks for supporting Twiggs throughout the year.  I’m leaving soon for the holidays myself and this may be my last post until after Christmas.  I hope everyone has a very happy holiday season.

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