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San Diego Bakeries Twiggs San Diego Bakery » Cakes from Sept 24 2011 weekend
Cakes from Sept 24 2011 weekend
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Cakes from Sept 24 2011 weekend

Custom Cakes

Okay, so I broke my vow last week to have at least one blog post a week.  But we’ve been so freaking busy, I just didn’t find time.  It’s funny – if I just look at our business I think the economy is doing great.  Honestly, we’ve never been busier overall.  Then if I watch the news, I think the sky is falling and we’ll all be eating boiled shoe stock in a few months.  So I concluded ignorance is bliss and decided just not to watch the nightly news.  We’re crazy busy right now and I’m very grateful for that.  Believe me, I’m grateful.

So here are a few cakes from this past weekend.  Maybe I’ll cover some of the wedding cakes from this weekend in a later post.  But for now, here are some of the more intersting non-wedding cakes we did over the weekend.

First, the Kansas City Chiefs were in town to play the Chargers, so someone from Kansas flew to San Diego with his family for the game.  It was his son’s birthday, so he ordered a Kansas City Chiefs helmet.  Hopefully, the kid liked it as I’m sure he didn’t like the game.  Chiefs lost, Chargers won.

Then we had two tiered cakes for little girls — one with a Disney Princess theme and the other a Tinkerbell cake they wanted in lime green, purple and yellow.  I hope the girls loved their cakes;  I was happy with both of them.

Then we had two milestone birthdays — a 40th and a 70th.  The 40th was a rather general masculine cake we delivered to the Tilted Kilt downtown.  If you’re looking for a quiet place to celebrate your birthday, you probably want to look somewhere besides the Tilted Kilt.  Jim was turning 70 and is a retired Naval officer.  He use to command the USS Safeguard and loved his time in Hawaii, so his family wanted a cake with him on the beach in Hawaii with two Hula girls and his former ship off shore.  It was a fun cake that Emily did a great job on. 

So without further ado, here they are:


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