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Catching up on the last 2 months
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Catching up on the last 2 months

Custom Cakes

So I’m super behind on getting out pictures of the cakes we’ve been working on.  Bernie and I take off the last 2 weeks of December and the whole month of January for downtime in the mountains of North Carolina, where I grew up.  I’m extremely grateful that we have a staff that we can rely on and trust to run Twiggs while we’re relaxing.  Actually, the time off can get a little too relaxing for me.  I start to get antsy by mid-January with nothing much to do.  But I always come back recharged and ready for another year.   But while we were gone, the bakery staff really put out some great stuff — so great that I begin to feel unneeded!  Which is actually a good thing.  Anyway, here are some great cakes that went out while I was gone.

As a kid, I remember hearing that the world would end in 2012 according to the Mayan Calendar.  That seemed so far away in the 1970’s.  But lo and behold, time went by and we were all facing extinction last December.  We got an order for a recreation of a Mayan Pyramid for an “End of the World” party on Dec 21.  Emily just did a fantastic job and I understand it was the talk of the party.

Is there a bigger juggernaut in the world of kids than Disney?  I’ve been doing kid’s cakes for 20 years and it seems that Mickey and Minnie are more popular than ever right now.  It’s remarkable their brand has remained so strong after 80 years while their contemporaries  — Betty Boop, Felix the Cat, etc — have faded with time.  So here’s a rather modern take on a tiered Mickey Cake along with a much more traditional (and less costly!) Minnie Mouse Cake.  And while we’re on the Disney subject, I’ve also included a great Lion King cake we did for a 1st birthday.


Next up are a couple of ducks for a grandfather who loves duck hunting.  These sitting ducks were probably the easiest target he ever had.  And I venture to say the first he ever hunted with a knife!  The grandaughter who ordered it posted a very nice message on our Facebook page, so I know it was a hit.

Last picture for this post is a pregnant torso for a baby shower.  We’ve done a variation of the pregnant torso for several baby showers.  This was the first one, however, which had a baby foot kicking out in the stomach.


There’s a lot more pictures I can post from while I was gone, but I’ll save some for another post.   It was great to be away and it’s great to be back.  Thanks for keeping those orders coming in.  And thanks for reading the blog!


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