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Goodbye Shanna, Hello Zach
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Goodbye Shanna, Hello Zach

Custom Cakes

I worked for IBM for 9 years before saying “to hell with this” and going to cooking school to pursue my real passion.  When I was working at Big Blue, NO ONE left the company voluntarily.  People viewed IBM as a career and most everyone planned to stay there until they retired.  It was a bit of a shock when I began working in kitchens and saw how transient most food service employees are.  I remember at one of my first restaurant jobs a co-worker was complaining about the job and saying it was time to move on.  She said, “You know, I’ve been here for 9 months now and that’s a long time.”  I’ve come to see her attitude as a bit extreme, but still I now view years in food service as dog years compared to the corporate world.  Someone who works one year at the same restaurant is the equivalent of someone working for seven years at the same corporation in a white collar job.  Working for 3 years at the same restaurant = working for 21 years at the same corporation.  Staff changes are part of life in the food service world.  I’ve just adopted the attitude that life is change.  If you don’t like change, you don’t like life.  It can be frustrating when someone quits as it takes a while to train a new person.  But such is life in the food service world.

Shanna had worked for Twiggs for a year and a half (nearly 11 years in the real world!) and had become a very valuable member of our bakery staff.  She began as a novice who had a culinary degree and had made cakes from her home.  I’m a bit leary of hiring home bakers as working in a commercial kitchen is a completely different animal than working at home.  The main difference is the speed you need to work at in a commercial setting.  Even the most successful home bakers will have at most 3 cakes in one weekend.  Most have 1 to 2.  We’re fortunate that we’re very busy.  In a typical weekend we’ll have  3-6 wedding cakes and 20 or so other orders.  There’s basically four of us working on cakes and you really need to work at a quick pace to get everything done.  Shanna had evolved into a great baker who worked quickly.  But Shanna has a new family and working every weekend became a big problem for her.  So she’s off to another field to work Monday – Friday.  I’ll miss Shanna and wish her nothing but the best.

As fate would have it, Zach applied for a job with us right at the time Shanna was resigning.  There’s a synchronicity in this world that I’ve learned to pay attention to.  People submit applications to Twiggs all the time wanting to work in our bakery.  I decided I needed to pay particular attention to an application that just happened to come in right when we’re looking for someone — which isn’t that often.

Zach was another person who’d done cakes out of his home and his portfolio was very impressive.  So we welcomed Zach into the fold and he’s started off with a bang.  Below are three of the first cakes Zach has done for us.  There’s a train cake for a little guy named Ian who’s fascinated with trains and a Channel purse that came out great.  But the most impressive is a cake based on the movie “Scarface” which just was terrific.   The pictures are below.  You can click on the smaller ones to see a bigger image.

Shanna’s off to a new job.  Zach’s off to a great start with Twiggs.  Life goes on.


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