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I grew up in the mountains of Western North Carolina.  There were some woods behind our house and the neighborhood kids believed there were “hellcats” living in the woods.  According to the legend, if you were caught by the hellcats they’d steal your underwear.   One day my brother John was walking through the field beside our house and found a random pair of underwear.  He grew wild-eyed, screamed “HELLCATS” and ran home as fast as he could. 

I told this story to the kitchen staff one day and it just sort of caught on and became a running joke in the bakery.  Tony, our fantastic breakfast cook, keeps threatening to make a “Hellcat Scramble” special one day.   My birthday was this week and the staff surprised me with a dinner party.  Bernie got me out of the bakery during the afternoon on the pretense we needed to take a half day off and go to the zoo.  While we did, the staff came into the kitchen and cooked a great dinner.  Then they surprised me by coming to our house with dinner.  To end the meal, of course we had to have a cake.  Emily had made a Hellcat birthday cake — complete with a hellcat holding a pair of tightie whities on top of the cake.   I loved it.   It was a great birthday.

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