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Pies, Pies, Pies
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Pies, Pies, Pies


Hands down, Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.  It’s somehow escaped the commercialization of Christmas and other holidays.  It’s about stopping for one day and reflecting on what you do have — rather than what you don’t have — and being grateful.  I try to take a minute every day and consciously be grateful for my life, as I have a lot to be grateful for.  I’m grateful for Twiggs.  There have been ups and downs for sure, but we’re still here 15 years after opening the doors and we’re busier than we’ve ever been overall.  Our original location on Park Boulevard is still buzzing along.  We’ve gone from being the only coffee shop in the neighborhood to having 3 strong competitors within a one to two block walk.  We took a dip when each opened, but now our sales are back and we’re going well.  Meanwhile, our bakery and cafe on Adams Avenue is going great guns.  We’ve had a great wedding season and now with our new chef Tony, breakfast is becoming super busy.  There’s generally a line to the door for most of Saturday and Sunday mornings.  Business is great and I’m very, very grateful as I know times are tough for many.

But now’s not the time to think of tough times, it’s the time to think of food!  We generally don’t sell pies, but Thanksgiving is a huge exception.  Thanksgiving is all about tradition.  Along with turkey, dressing, cranberry sauce and green bean casserole, pies are a Thanksgiving staple.  When we first started the bakery, I thought I needed to do really unique pies to distinguish us from the competition.  But I quickly learned, people want traditional pies at Thanksgiving, not some high-falutin’ pretentious thing.  So I try to make sure our pies, while traditional, are the absolute best example of each one.  For years we only did pumpkin pie and a chocolate pecan pie.  But this year with a bigger staff and bigger customer base, we’re offering apple pies and jumbleberry pies as well.  

So order your pies now!  We’re open the day before Thanksgiving until 6pm and we’ll be open Thanksgiving Day until noon so folks can stop by and pick up their pies.  If you don’t pre-order one, we’ll have some set aside for walk-ins, but we can’t guarantee we’ll have your first choice. 

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!   I’m grateful you indulged me by reading this!   Both of you!


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