Special Order Designs

Will we design a cake just for you? YES!!!

Well . . . maybe. It depends on what you want.

Click on the links below to see some pictures of things we’ve done in the past.

Pricing will be determined based on how complicated your design is.

The first link is to 3 dimensional sculpted cakes — cakes carved into various shapes. Generally, the minimum charge for a 3D cake is $100 with prices in the $6-$10 / serving and up range.

3 Dimensional Sculpted Cake   (two pages in this gallery.  Click on arrow at bottom of page to get to 2nd page)


The next link is to 2 dimensional Sculpted cakes — basically sheet cakes that are cut into a shape. Generally, these are less expensive than their 3 dimensional counterparts.

2 Dimensional Sculpted Cakes


Next are specially decorated rounds and sheet cakes personalized to individual interests.

Tiered Special Orders
Single Tier Special Orders  (two pages in this gallery.  Click on arrow at bottom of page to get to 2nd page)
Graduation Cakes


Now, on to kid’s cakes! (our favorite cakes to make). We love working on whimsical things for kids (of all ages).

Tiered Kid’s Cakes
Single Layer Kid’s Cakes  (Two pages in this gallery.  Click arrow at bottom of first page to get to second page)


What Baby Shower is complete without a cake?

Baby Shower Cakes


San Diego has a huge military presence, so naturally we do a lot of military themed cakes.

Military Cakes


We also do cakes for Baptisms, Communions, Bar Mitzvahs, etc.

Cakes for Religious Occasions


Next up, sports themed cakes. These are especially popular for groom’s cakes, birthdays or game watching parties.

Sports Team Cakes


Now some specially decorated cakes that aren’t personalized — just nicely decorated cakes.

Specially Decorated Cakes


Finally, cupcakes are very popular these days.  Here are some individually decorated cupcakes.



To discuss a special order cake, please call the bakery at (619) 296-4077 Monday – Saturday between 9 am and 4pm and ask to speak to one of the bakers.