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And we’re off . . . .
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And we’re off . . . .


I’ve taken a bit of a sabbatical from writing blog posts, but it’s time to get back into the swing of things.  2015 is here whether we’re ready for it or not.  We’re doing a ton of wedding cake tastings now for weddings later in the year.  Right now is the slow time for actually doing wedding cakes, but we have done a few recently.   The first cake below went out this past weekend for Gilda and Andrew’s wedding reception at the Marriott Del Mar.  They were thrilled with the cake.

I’m not sure if it’s ever actually snowed in San Diego itself.  Despite this, some winter brides want a snow themed cake even though they they’re getting married in a desert.  Here’s a pretty snowflake themed wedding cake we did back in January.

Ombre wedding cakes were really popular towards the end of last year and it looks like the trend is going to continue into 2015.  When we first started doing ombre cakes, we’d frost the cake and then air brush in the color fade.  This was pretty problematic on deliveries because if you touched the airbrushed buttercream you lifted off the color sprayed on that location.  It was pretty impossible to touch this up on site.  To the rescue came Lydia, one of our decorators.  She figured out a system of tinting the buttercream itself rather than airbrushing.  Suddenly life was far, far easier doing ombre cakes.  And before we leave weddings, same-sex weddings have become a big part of our wedding business.  I’d say 15% of the weddings we do are same-sex couples.  It’s a good thing.  Following the ombre cake below is a pretty plain cake, but the topper was so clever I decided to include it in the blog.  It’s been a long climb for a lot of same sex couples to reach the point where they can legally wed.  This topper acknowledges that in a clever way.

As I’m typing this, our main breakfast cook Jose’s wife, Anita, is in labor with their first child.  Jose is beside himself with excitement, of course.  They just had their baby shower a couple of days ago.  Here’s the cake we did for little Mila, soon to be out of the womb and on her way.


Our bread and butter outside of wedding cakes are kid’s cakes.  Here are a few cakes we’ve done for the under 16 crowd recently, including a unicorn sitting on a rainbow cake which falls into the “so campy it’s fun” category.  You can click on any of these pictures to see a larger one.




Cupcakes continue to be popular.  Here are some we’ve personalized recently for a James Bond themed 30th birthday, a poker party, a Frozen party and a Superhero party.  Click on any image to see a larger version.




I was a reluctant convert to edible image printing.  But now I wonder how we lived without it.  You really can personalize cakes without being tacky about it if you do the edible images correctly.  Below are two tiered cakes featuring photos of people’s lives — the first for a couple and the second for a 60th birthday.  These make great anniversary, birthday or bridal shower cakes featuring photos of the couples or person’s life up to that point.


Finally, I’m not an Ohio State fan and I think the standard OSU alumni reference to their alma mater as “THE Ohio State University” is a little silly.  But when their wives are willing to pay us to replicate the OSU logo for their husband’s birthday, I’m very happy to oblige.

That’s it for this long delayed blog post.  As we enter 2015, Bernie and I are entering our 18th year of owning Twiggs.  That just blows my mind.  Where does the time go?  Thanks to yelp reviews and an improving economy, we’re getting more inquires about our cakes than ever these days.  I’m very grateful for the interest, the kind reviews and all the orders.  We’ve made it 18 years and hopefully we’ll be around for a lot more.   Thanks!



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