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Breakfast at Adams Avenue
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Breakfast at Adams Avenue


     The Twiggs Blog has been devoted almost exclusively to our bakery and the cakes we do — specialty cakes and wedding cakes.  I’ve done this for a few reasons, but primarily I think 95% of the people who look at this website are surfing around for wedding cakes, birthday cakes or some other kind of specialty cake.  In reality, our cake sales are probably 20% of our overall sales — between the two locations we have.  Our location at 4590 Park Boulevard is a pretty traditional coffee house (though a great one).  We’re a little limited in what we can prepare over there because there’s no hood system and our landlords won’t let us put one in.  But we do serve egg biscuits with cheese, sausage or bacon there for those who want a non-sweet breakfast option.

     But our 2804 Adams Avenue location has a full kitchen with a hood system, since that’s where our bakery is.  For the first couple of years we were open we did a fairly simple breakfast, mainly doing egg and cheese biscuits with bacon or sausage.  I’m from North Carolina where biscuits and breakfast biscuit sandwiches are a big deal, so I based the breakfast on what I’d grown up with.  I even used my mom’s biscuit recipe.   Biscuits are  pretty quick grab and go things and I was happy with what we were producing and thought they were a good fit for what Twiggs was — a bakery that served breakfast.  We had a few good cooks work for us over those two years.

     But then in June of last year, we hired Tony O’Morda to do our breakfasts.  Tony is a chef, not a cook and he had a bigger vision for what Twiggs could be than Bernie or I did.  He convinced us to replace the little four top burner we had with a full range with six burners and then began to up our game considerably.   He began doing a lot of specials on the weekends and generally changing what I thought was a good breakfast into a great one.  It took a couple of months for word to spread, but gradually our breakfast business — particularly our weekend business — begin to increase substantially.   Now most weekends, we have a line to the door for 4 hours or so.  Now a “line to the door” is about 10 people, but it generally stays steady at 10 folks as people who’ve been helped are replaced by newcomers at the end of the line.  We’ve got a ton of new people coming in each weekend. 

     Tony has really changed what I think our business is and what it can be.  I’m very grateful Tony, who we’ve dubbed the “King of Huevonia,” is part of the Twiggs family.  We still sell a ton of those egg/cheese/meat biscuits and croissants.  But on weekends Tony generally offers 8 or so specials which are all just fantastic.  So get your butt in here and try one!  

     Here are some pics of some recent breakfast specials:  Huevos Rancheros, Califas Scramble (with chorizo — I could eat this every morning.  Note the flaky biscuit on the side), French Toast (made with bread we bake ourselves) and a Breakfast Polenta topped with poached eggs and bacon.  Bon Apetit!



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