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Catching up with the blog
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Catching up with the blog


I haven’t done my usual weekly blog post for Twiggs in  a couple of weeks as I’ve been on vacation.  Emily, Lydia and the rest of the crew did a great job of keeping things running smoothly while I was away.  We even had a return appearance of Shanna who left us several months ago.  She came back to help out in my absence.  I’m very grateful for such a solid and reliable staff (including former staff!)

But I was back for this past weekend and ended up doing 8 deliveries!  It was a little hectic, but everything got to where it was going on time and looked great.  We’ve even got a glowing yelp review on one of the cakes already which is just fantastic; those on-line reviews are just invaluable to us.  So here’s some of the cakes that went out last weekend. 

First up is a pretty stunning silver lace cake that went to the Estancia up in La Jolla.  The silver is a pretty tedious process.  First we pipe the design in buttercream and then let it firm up.  Then we take a product called lustre dust.   It comes in a wide range of colors, but this particular one is a metallic silver.  You mix the lustre dust with a little clear alcohol which turns it into a liquid that can be painted onto the buttercream.  The alcohol evaporates leaving a dry metallic finish.  It’s a pretty specatacular look, but it’s very time consuming to go over the piped buttercream design with a tiny paint brush.  So here’s the final product.  They were going to place a few flowers on top, but I had to leave on another delivery, so I couldn’t wait.  But the cake still looks great.

Next up is a wedding cake that went to a yacht.  I’m not a big fan of yacht deliveries as getting to the docks can be a hassle and this one was particularly problematic.  But it got there in time.  I spoke with the mother of the bride following the wedding and she was extremely happy with the cake.

Next up is a 2 tier kid’s cake that had a Princess and the Frog theme.   We did all the characters by hand.  It was very cute.


Here are a few other cakes that went out last weekend.  First is a cake for a baby shower which has a very happy mother bird sitting on her nest singing a happy tune while she waits for her eggs to hatch.  We based the design off the baby shower invitation.  It was simple and adorable.  Next is another baby shower cake for a new addition to this world named Oliver.  I actually delivered this cake to the ultra tony Del Mar Country Club.  Finally a 3 year old’s birthday cake with Hello Kitty on the side.  You can click on any of these images to see a larger one.



We did a ton more cakes this past weekend, but most of them were designs I’ve already featured here.  We’ve got a big Labor Day weekend coming up and the weekend after that is booked up as well.  Once again, thanks for keeping us so busy.  I’m extremely grateful for the volume of business we have now and the quality and dedication of the staff I have.  Life is good at Twiggs.

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