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Corporate Orders
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Corporate Orders


We continue to be extremely busy here at Twiggs Bakery.  I know I sound like a broken record, but we’ve never been busier.  I’m very grateful.

I was talking to a florist we work with a lot on weddings.  She was talking about how her corporate orders — which use to be a huge part of her business and then disappeared when the recession hit — have started coming back.  As she said, when corporate orders come back, you know the economy is coming back.  This blog post is devoted to some corporate orders we’ve taken recently.

The first is for a cosmetic company called Makucell.  They were launching a new line of cosmetics under the Renewnt brand name.  They wanted a cake to celebrate the product launch at some industry trade show.  One of their sales reps checked out our website and then called me to see what I could do for them.  With their budget, I suggested a gift box holding the four cosmetics that they were coming out with.  She loved the idea and after clearing the cost with her boss, okayed the order.  She was absolutely thrilled with the final product.  She said she thought they’d change their plans and not cut the cake and just have it on display for the three days for the trade show.  I was a little sad to think the cake wouldn’t be eaten, but hey, they paid for it, they can do with it what they want.  Here’s the cake.  The actual cosmetic bottles are rice cereal treats, but the box is all cake.


Next is an order we got from the local Fox affiliate.  They had a show called “San Diego’s Most Wanted” which was hosted by an FBI agent stationed in San Diego.  The guy was leaving the FBI for the private sector and moving to Washington, DC, so FOX wanted to get him a cake as a send-off.  They told us the cake would be presented on the air.  We watched excitedly the morning the cake was suppose to make it’s local TV debut, only to be bitterly disappointed that it didn’t make it on the air.  They were nice enough to call us and tell us they were extremely happy with the cake, however.  It didn’t make it to local TV, but it’s made it to our blog.  Click on either image to see a larger version.



Finally, a simpler cake.  The KMart in Mission Valley was having some event to thank it’s staff.  They originally called and just asked for a big red K on the cake.  I thought that was a little too simple and suggested they add the little Blue Light Special Guy featured in their ads.  They went for it and loved the cake.  Click on the image to see a bigger one.


That’s it for now.  Until I type again!


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