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Fun Mid-Week Surprises
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Fun Mid-Week Surprises


We don’t deliver too many cakes at Twiggs other than wedding cakes.  But occasionally, we’ll make an exception.  Robert was deployed and wanted to get a cake to surprise his wife Erika.  Apparently she’s addicted to vanilla lattes from a large national chain (ok, Starbucks) and the crossiant she gets every morning.  Robert wanted us to make a 3-D Starbucks cup and croissant in cake and surprise her at her work.   Obviously, I’m not a regular patron of Starbucks, but I made a special trip and to get a cup for us to copy.  Erika works at a hospital and I passed the Starbucks she frequents on my way in (it’s part of the hospital complex).  When I showed up with a big white box and told her I had a surprise for her birthday, she looked puzzled.  As I took the cake out of the box, she covered her mouth in surprise and her eyes got quite large.  And then she started crying.  It was one of the best reactions I’ve ever gotten from one of our cakes.  She later called the bakery to talk to me to tell me how much she loved the cake and wanted to know where to write a review.  She’d ended up taking her cake to Starbucks to show it off to the employees who regularly help her.  She also wanted to know if we’d deliver a cake to Disneyland for her daughter’s birthday.  I laughed and said Disneyland was a little out of our delivery zone, but told her I was happy she liked the cake so much.  So here’s Erika’s big surprise courtesy of Robert:


Today we did a fun cake as a surprise for Alex that her co-workers chipped in to buy.  Apparently Alex is obsessed with goldfish and gets aquarium equipment shipped to the office regularly for her to take home.  I’m not sure what the connection to cigarette smoking is.  Perhaps Alex is a smoker.  But they requested a goldfish smoking a cigarette.  It’s certainly one of the cuter cakes we’ve done.

And so concludes another blog post.  Now I’ve really got to get going on this weekend’s cakes.  As always, thanks for reading.

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