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Gearing up for wedding season
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Gearing up for wedding season


Wedding season is a long one in the “endless summer” of San Diego.  We do wedding cakes here at Twiggs year round, but we really start to ramp up in early April and it stays pretty darn busy through the first of November.  We had five weddings this past weekend, our first weekend with more than a couple of weddings.  From here on it’s pretty much a busy wedding cake weekend every weekend until early November.  Here are pictures of three of the cakes we did last weekend.

The first was a bit of a construction challenge.  As happens many times, the bride brought in an “inspiration picture” of a cake she loved and wanted replicated.  Sometimes these “inspiration cakes” are something out of Martha Stewart that someone spent 4 days decorating and would easily cost $10,000.  We’ve yet to have a bride with that kind of budget for her cake.  Fortunately, this inspiration cake was reasonable to do within the bride’s budget.  The challenge came from the double tall tiers.  They’re really not difficult to do.  I just get nervous when I deliver these cakes as the taller tiers are much more likely to topple over during transit.  Fortunately, this one arrived in tact.  We made the sugar flowers and the bride provided the peacock feathers.  If I’m completely honest, peacock feathers aren’t really my thing — but as my wedding cake mantra goes — it’s the bride and groom’s wedding, not mine.  If they want peacock feathers on their cake, then I’m putting peacock feathers on their cake.  I will say that peacock feathers seem to be coming into vogue now.  I’ve done several cakes with them in the last few months and we have several booked in the future with them.  They’re such showy adornments.  All decked out with it’s peacock feathers, the cake looked quite handsome and seemed anxious to show off for the wedding guests.


Next is a design we’ve done many, many times.  Chocolate branches climb up the cake with flowers “growing” on the branches.  Typically brides use fresh flowers and the cake has a casual, yet elegant and organic feel.  This bride, however, wanted sugar flowers in red to match the color theme of her wedding.  The sugar flowers look great too, but add a slightly more formal look to the cake.  I thought it looked great waiting to show off in it’s prime spot between buffet line and seating.


Finally a simple cake with a dense, symmetrical pattern of dots.  The busier the pattern, the fewer flowers you need otherwise it starts looking like overkill.  I thought this simple cake looked perfect.  Just what the bride was looking for.

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