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Happy Birthday Bernie!
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Happy Birthday Bernie!


Bernie, my partner in Twiggs and life, had his birthday this past Saturday.  I arranged a quasi surprise party for him.  I call it “quasi” because every year I plan something for him, but he doesn’t want to know what it is.  Bernie loves extended meals of great food, great conversation and great wine — who doesn’t, really?  So I booked the private dining room at prepkitchen in Little Italy for a group of 17.  It was a wonderful evening with a four course meal spread out over 3 and a half hours;  prepkitchen really did an outstanding job.  Of course, the cake had to come from Twiggs and it’s a bit of a challenge to think of something unique each year.  Bernie grew up on a potato farm, which most people find hard to believe, but it’s true.  Wise, ubiquitous on the east coast but unknown on the west, bought all their potatoes for potato chips.  So I decided to make a 3D replica of a Wise Potato Chip bag as his birthday cake.  I was very happy with how it turned out and it was a big hit when it came out at the end of the evening.

Now for some cakes we actually got paid to make last weekend!  First up is a “Cirque du Bebe” cake that was quite the show-off with the ostrich feathers adorning the top of the cake.  Following this is a Lego Ninjango cake for Hudson who was turning 5.  We made all the little ninjango figures on top of the cake.

Finally, Comic Con was in town last weekend and we did a vampire cake for a reception for some guy who’d written a book about vampires.  Sorry I can’t be any more specific than that.  I’m pretty sure it wasn’t for Stephen King, however.  There’s also a cake for a bridal shower which featured the bridesmaid’s dress.  Finally a wedding cake with a very contemporary design taken from the couple’s wedding invitation.  You can click on any image to see a larger version.



That’s it for last weekend’s overview.  We continue to get increasingly busy and booked up far more in advance than ever.  We’re actually currently booked up for the next 3 weekends for any sort of specialty design cake.  So if you’re interested in having Twiggs do a cake for you, it’s really best to contact us a month or so in advance if possible.  We can still do our standard store cakes with a few days notice — most 8″ cakes we can do on one day’s notice.  But if you want any sort of special design — particularly a sculpted cake or tiered cake, it’s really best to give us as much notice as possible.  Thanks so much for keeping us busy.  I continue to be extremely grateful for the volume of business we have.



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