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June Brides and Grads
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June Brides and Grads


The “June Bride” is something of a cliché, thanks to the popularity of June for weddings in so much of the country.  For San Diego, however, I’ve always found June to be a slower month for wedding cakes for Twiggs than July through October.  I always attributed it to “June Gloom,” the traditional coastal fog that settles over San Diego for most of the day during June.  I figured most couples didn’t want to chance having a gloomy day for their wedding when you’re basically guaranteed a sunny, glorious day July through October in the endless summer of San Diego.  This year, however, we’ve been slammed during June for weddings.  I don’t know if more people are really getting married in June than previously or if it’s just that we’re just far more popular than in the past thanks to all the reviews we’ve gotten on yelp and other sites.  People are just a lot more aware of Twiggs than they use to be.  Come to think of it, it might be all the same sex weddings we’re doing these days.  Three of the 12 weddings we had last weekend were same sex couples, which is fantastic.  Whatever it is, we’ve been pumping out wedding cakes recently.  It’s a challenge to keep up the quality we’re known for when the volume picks up.  But we’ve worked out a system that — knock on wood — has really worked so far.

So here’s some  cakes we’ve done in the last three weeks, all of which I thought were stunning, if I do say so myself.  And I do.  The first has a cascade of contemporary coral fondant flowers we made ourselves.  The second is an Art Deco inspired design that went to Morgan Run Golf Club up in Rancho Santa Fe.  The third picture is for a gay wedding where the guys wanted a masculine take on a Mexican fiesta.  I suggested they do a tile design around the bottom of each tier,  so we used a medallion they had on their invitations to create the individual tiles.  This cake went to the new Stone Brewing restaurant in NTC.  It was a masculine cake in a masculine setting, so it was perfect for them.


Metallic Gold has suddenly come in vogue.  I think if you do the entire cake in metallic gold, it’s just a little over the top — a little too Graceland for my tastes.   But if you do a single tier in the metallic gold, it can be pretty striking.  Here are two cakes we’ve done recently — three tier cakes where just the middle tier is sprayed with a metallic gold lustre dust.  They both called “Look at me!” from across the room — at the Estancia for the first one and the ZLAC Rowing Club for the second.  Interestingly, they both had “Love” toppers, though in different styles.   I’ve put them side by side in smaller images.  Click on either one to see a larger image.


Next is a cake for a bride who loves Disney and Mickey Mouse.  The Mickey silhouette and embellishments on the top and bottom tiers of this cake were from a design the bride did herself and used on her invitations.  I like doing cakes that are somehow personalized to the bride and/or groom.  This cake went to the Bali Hai on Shelter Island.

Finally, here’s a very simply frosted cake with rough pleats made from running the spatula around the cake.  Honestly, it’s very easy to do, but it creates a very pretty and somewhat rustic look.  The fresh flowers on this cake are what really make it, honestly.  I’d very rarely seen the “garden roses” used on this cake before this year.  But, man, have they come in style big time this year.  I think I’ve seen them at 20 weddings so far this year.  I can understand why;  they’re gorgeous.  This cake went to the uber popular Coronado Community Center.

Before we completely leave weddings, here’s a great groom’s cake we did that went to Tom Ham’s Lighthouse on Harbor Island.  The couple are both Star Trek geeks and the groom wanted a recreation of Hans Solo in Carbonite.  I wasn’t quite sure a guy trapped against his will was a very good metaphor to start your marriage off with, but – hey – it’s their wedding, not mine.  Emily had actually done this design twice before.  This time, however, she added a small wedding band to Mr. Solo’s left hand.  We got a rave review from the bride about both her wedding cake as well as this cake, though she talked more about this cake than her wedding cake, which is understandable.  It had to be quite the conversation piece at the wedding.

Finally, we did do some non-wedding cakes.   Here’s a great cake featuring drunks on a barrel for a guy’s 21st birthday, a very fun circus theme cake and then a cake with pandas and bamboo for a person moving to Japan.  Finally, there’s a cake for a guy fulfilling a life-long dream — he was graduating from drill instructor school and was going to be a drill instructor in the Marine Corps.  Sempre Fi!

Well, that’s enough for this post.  Thanks for reading and thanks for keeping us so busy.  I’m extremely grateful for each and every order.   Thanks!!!!!









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