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Lydia Does A Great Job On Some Cakes!!!
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Lydia Does A Great Job On Some Cakes!!!


Lydia’s one of our cake bakers and decorators (we’re a pretty small shop — you can’t do one or the other exclusively).  I love Lydia.  She’s a great worker and really does a wonderful job for us.  But Emily, our lead designer and decorator, often gets the lion’s share of cakes that are featured on this blog since I tend to feature unusual things or things we haven’t done before.  Meanwhile Lydia’s doing yeoman’s work turning out lots of wedding cakes and birthday cakes with designs we do often, so they tend not to get featured here.  Lydia was lamenting the fact that a recent blog post didn’t feature a single cake she’d done.  Rather than call the Wambulance, I decided to start off featuring some work she’s done recently.  It’s officially summer, so here’s a couple of cakes with a real summer theme — a Summer of Love beach themed cake and a Watermelon cake for a little kid.  There’s also a baby shower cake with a moustache theme.  Despite the fact that an infant boy won’t be able to grow a moustache for 13-14 years at least, moustaches are currently en vogue for baby showers and 1st birthday cakes for little boys.

Didn’t Lydia do a great job on all of the above cakes?   I’m impressed!   EXCELLENT JOB LYDIA!!!!

Lydia also did the next cake, but from a decorating perspective, it’s not overly impressive.  It’s just putting an edible image on top of a simply frosted cake.  But the story behind the cake is what’s impressive.

Ari was born in a female body but at 3 years old asked mom why he didn’t have a penis.  His mom replied he didn’t have one because he was a girl.  “NO!” Ari screamed, “I’m a boy!”  And that kicked off a long journey for Ari’s parents and Ari to come to terms with Ari’s gender identity issues.  In the end, Ari’s parents embraced his gender identity and he recently began hormone therapy at age 14.  Obviously, if your kid one day changes from dressing / identifying in public as a girl to a boy, your friends and acquaintances and Ari’s classmates are going to notice.  So Ari’s parents decided to throw a “Boythday Party” to announce to everyone that Arielle was now going to be Ari and that they not only supported but celebrated the transition.  Ari was born with a huge challenge, for sure.  But he’s unbelievably lucky to have parents who are so supportive.  So here’s Ari’s Boythday cake.  It’s an image from Dr. Who of a Regeneration.  I’ve never seen the show, but apparently there’s a race that can regenerate themselves into different bodies and ages.  Seems appropriate.  So Happy Boythday Ari!   Best of luck!

We’re getting into the thick of wedding season now, so the wedding cake production is going full blast.  Wedding cake buffets are very much on trend now which allows for multiple flavor options for the wedding guesgts.  Here’s two cake buffets we did recently — one at Mt. Woodson out in Ramona and the second at the chic Rancho Valencia in Rancho Santa Fe.  The flowers in the first picture from Mt. Woodson were done by Dawn Steel who owns Gaslamp Florals.  She really did a great job at turning some plain jane cakes into a beautiful display.

Here are some more wedding cakes we’ve done recently, including one with a pig bride and groom topper that we made and was super cute.  You can click on any image to see a larger version.



Here’s some more cakes we’ve done in the last couple of weeks that are worthy of a moment in the sun.  The first is a KISS guitar for a fan’s birthday — note the inscription in the KISS font.  This is followed by several cakes celebrating everything from baby showers to kid’s birthdays to a nurse’s retirement.  Click on any image to see a larger version.   All of these cakes except the rocking horse were done by our lead decorator, Emily.  I don’t want Emily to feel short changed after the attention Lydia got at the beginning of the post.  Emily does an amazing job and we’re lucky to have her.


Well that’s enough for this blog post.  I need to get back to the kitchen and see what great things Lydia is working on!   Until the next post, thanks so much for reading this and thanks for supporting Twiggs.  The bakery is busy and our breakfast business in particular is just booming these days.  I’m very grateful for the support we have and the large number of loyal daily customers that come to both Twiggs.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.  Until next time, smoke ’em if you’ve got ’em!


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