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Opening Day!!
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Opening Day!!


Ok, I generally like to start these blog posts off with one of our more impressive recent efforts.  But today is Opening Day for Major League Baseball and I’m a Padres fan.  The Padres organization is 70 years old this year as is Gigi, a die-hard fan her whole life.  We recently did a birthday cake for her reflecting both her love of the Padres and their joint birthdays.

Hand written thank you notes are going the way of the dinosaur.  I can’t lament that without admitting that I can’t recall the last time I hand wrote a thank you note and mailed it to someone (somewhere up there my mother is shaking her head).  Everything’s email these days or (even worse from an etiquette point of view in my opinion), texts.  But today we got a very refreshing thank you note from a bride who was thrilled with both her wedding cake and groom’s cake in the shape of a Batmobile.   Thanks Gina and Christian for the kind note.  Emily Post is smiling from above.

I’m not sure what’s going on with Unicorns these days, but they seem to be making a comeback.  I think we’ve gone years without doing a cake with unicorn-anything on it.  But we’ve done about three in the last month or so.  Here’s a 3D unicorn I delivered up to a company up off Mira Mesa Blvd.  Honestly, I’m not sure what the significance of the unicorn was.  But it was such a huge hit, they ordered another cake the next week in the shape of an energy drink that apparently their receptionist is addicted to.

While we’re in the 3D cake arena, I think at least 75% of Cheerio sales are to parents of toddlers.  Those things seem to be a staple of the American Toddler diet.  One set of parents decided to celebrate their son’s first birthday with a recreation of his favorite snack.

In doing research for this blog post — yes I actually researched this next fact;  it took me 15 seconds to find a Wikipedia entry — I discovered that 2015 is the 150th anniversary of the first printing of Alice in Wonderland.  I wonder if Lewis Carroll had any idea his nonsensical novel would endure so long, capturing people’s imaginations a century and a half after he wrote it.  There’s even a style of cake that takes it’s name from one of the book’s characters, the Mad Hatter.  Here’s Mad Hatter cake we did recently featuring the Cheshire Cat.

Recently a guy called and wanted to have an engagement ring inside a cake to propose to his girlfriend with.  His idea was to somehow be able to open the cake up like a box and have her find the ring.  I dissuaded him from this idea as I thought finding an engagement ring covered with cake crumbs and icing that needed to be washed off wouldn’t be the best idea.  So we came up with an alternate idea with the ring box on top of the cake.  We haven’t heard back, but I hope Becky said yes.  And Becky, keep in mind we do wedding cakes!

We continue to do lots of kids cakes.  Here’s a variety of things we’ve done recently.  Click on any image to see a larger one:






Well that’s it for another post.  We’re insanely busy for this coming weekend and have actually stopped taking orders for anything other than standard 8″ and 10″ retail cakes at this point.   So if you want a great cake from Twiggs, you really need to plan ahead!   We’re heading into wedding season, so we’re just going to keep getting more and more booked up.  So thanks for reading and thanks for helping make us so busy.  Bernie and I genuinely appreciate your support!


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