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Post Thanksgiving Cakes
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Post Thanksgiving Cakes


I’m a little behind doing my usual weekly blog post for Twiggs.  Thanksgiving was very busy for us.  We ended up doing about 150 pies, which is a lot for a small shop like ours.  We also donated several pies to Mama’s Kitchen for them to sell as a fund-raiser during Thanksgiving week.  Mama’s Kitchen started out making meals for AIDS patients but has since expanded to providing meals for patients with any terminal illness.  It’s a great cause and I’m happy we can contribute to that.  Mama’s Kitchen is nice enough to include the name of the bakery which baked the pie that the person bought.  I really don’t donate the pies as a marketing tool, but occasionally we do get folks who order a pie from us after they got one of our pies as part of the Mama’s Kitchen fund-raiser.  In the “no good deed goes unpunished” category, I had to deal with a customer who was pretty upset that the Chocolate Pecan pie they bought directly from us was more expensive than the same pie purchased through Mama’s Kitchen.  I explained to them that Mama’s Kitchen has zero food cost and labor cost associated with making the pies they sell.  100% of what they sell them for is profit.  I don’t have that luxury.  I actually have to pay for the ingredients used in the pie and pecan prices have gone through the roof.  And the folks who work for me making the pies actually do want to get paid for their work.  Anyway, we did do more than pies the last couple of weeks.

Alyson and Jason got married the weekend after Thanksgiving at the Darlington House in La Jolla.  They wanted a variation of an unusual cake we’ve done a couple of times.  There are vines climbing up the cake and since it was fall, they wanted fall leaves on the vines and the vines to be metallic gold.  They had two small ceramics of Welsh Corgis — the dogs they love — that they wanted incorporated into the cake along with a gold metal tree with multi-color gems used as a topper.  There was a lot going on with this cake, but it did work.


Carl got two cakes from us — a birthday cake for his fiancé he picked up the day before Thanksgiving and then a small wedding cake for their wedding the day after Thanksgiving.   For his fiancé Amy’s birthday, he surprised her with a 3-D Illy coffee cup.  For their wedding, they gave us a print of a woman in full ball gown in the Versailles during the reign of Louis XVI to use as inspiration for the cake, within a budget of course.  They wanted a blue cake with a white lacey design, some fleur-de-lys and a cascade of handmade roses in various shades of pink and white.  I thought both cakes turned out great.

Next are two birthday cakes for little boys.  Aidan’s a big Advengers fan, so mom ordered a two tier Avengers cake for him complete with his name in stars above the cake.  Then we did a very fun cake for Desmond who turned one.  His mom ordered a replica of those ubiquitous foam fingers they sell at sporting events — this one celebrating Desmond turning one.

Here’s some smaller pictures of a few other cakes we did the last couple of weeks.  First is a cake decorated as a gift box for Dan.  Last there’s a onesie for a baby shower that we’ve done many, many times — this one with little feet.   You can click on either image to see a larger version.



We did quite a few other cakes, but they were all repeats of cakes I’ve shown on the blog before.  90% of folks buy what they can see, which I understand completely.  But I think the blog gets a little stale if I just keep showing the same cakes over and over.  So Thanksgiving’s past and it’s on to Christmas and New Years.  We’ve got a few weddings thrown in — including a wedding for our own Jose who works in the bakery.  I’ll show his cake next week.  I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and is having fun gearing up for the holidays.  Thanks for reading the blog and thanks for all the orders!




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