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The Estancia
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The Estancia


When I started this blog for our bakery at Twiggs, I thought I would cover a range of topics, including my perspective on different venues we deliver to.  As we’ve gotten super busy and I’m more pressed for time, the blog has essentially become a weekly review of the previous week’s cake highlights.   I do think that’s fun and I”ll do my weekly highlights in the next blog post.  I’ve got a little extra time today, however, so I thought I would write about one of my absolute favorite venues in San Diego — the Estancia Hotel in La Jolla. 

The Estancia is on Torrey Pines road immediately south of the Glider Port and across the road from UCSD.  It’s a high traffic area, but you’d never know it once you drive onto the Estancia property.  With landscaping and building placement, the Estancia has created a property that really feels removed from the hustle and bustle that surrounds it.  The property is beautifully landscaped and extremely well maintained.  With the elegant but understated decor and gorgeous landscaping, the Estancia has a real serenity that’s unique.  And everyone who works here is just plain friendly.  I deliver to a lot of places and they just don’t get any more friendly and helpful than the staff at the Estancia.  And the great thing about having your wedding here is that the ball rooms are distinct from each other.   You’re not going to be having your wedding in half a huge ballroom while another wedding is going on on the other side of a wall of sliding carpeted partitions.  I’m generally clueless as to the cost of most venues — I’m just dropping off the cake.  But I’m sure the Estancia isn’t the least expensive option out there.  As the saying goes, however, you get what you pay for.  And with the Estancia, you’re getting a gorgeous, serene destination.  Here’s a link to their website page on weddings:  http://www.estancialajolla.com/weddings-events

The Estancia was on my mind because we had two weddings there this past week.  We’re on the preferred vendor list and they’ve been a terrific source of referrals for us.  Honestly, this blog post is a miniscule payback for all the referrals they’ve given us.  But my comments above are genuine.  It truly is a special place.

The first wedding we did there last week was for Kim and Tedd.  Kim had picked one of the designs from our book of pictures that she looked through during her tasting.  I sort of groaned when I saw what she’d picked as I’d had a devil of a time with the oversized flower that’s the main feature of the cake.  But I had a flash of inspiration this time around and assembled the flower in one of our wide flat soup bowls.  It ended up being the perfect form to hold the flower while it dried.  It came out great and I was happy.


The other wedding we did at the Estancia this past weekend was for Pooja and John.   They’d come in for a tasting and then went to a few others and decided to go with Twiggs.  When they came back in to book the cake, Pooja’s parents met them at Twiggs for the official booking.  They got here about 30 minutes before Pooja and John so I offered to get them our books of wedding cake pictures so they could pass the time until Pooja and John arrived.  They politiely declined and said Pooja had already decided what she wanted and they didn’t want to interfere with her decision — it was her wedding after all, not theirs.  I smiled and told them they were great parents.  We deal with quite a few mothers who want to heavily influence or even dictate things.  It’s great when there are parents who want their children to decide things for themselves. 

Pooja wanted the cake design to incorporate a stylized leaf motif from their invitation.  I love coming up with original designs — it makes this job fun.  It was a white cake with a soft green leaf motif with a soft gold band at the base of each tier.  I set the cake up and was quite happy with it.  Personally, I would have put very few flowers on the cake as I thought the design on the cake was enough and just needed a few flowers to accent it.  But the florist had directions from Pooja to put green and white orchids at the base of most of the leaf motifs.  Honestly, I was disappointed when I saw how many flowers she was putting on the cake.  I wanted to yell “STOP!  You’re covering up too much of the design!”  But I was at the serene Estancia, so I couldn’t yell.  The florist actually apologized for putting so many flowers on, but she said this was what the bride wanted.  When she was finished, I looked at the cake as objectively as I could and had to admit the cake looked fantastic — very different, but fantastic.  So I present before and after flower pictures of the cake below.  I think it’s interesting to see how much fresh flowers can change a cake.


Finally, John is a chemist and they wanted a groom’s cake that was a riff on a periodic table entry.  The cake ended up going on a candy table where all the candies were in various glass containers chemists would use — beakers, etc.  It was a very fun presentaton and I thought the cake looked great and right at home in that setting.


So that’s it for this blog entry specifically about the Estancia.  We did a ton more great cakes (if I do say so myself, and I do) this past weekend.  I’ll do another entry about those cakes later.   In the meantime, I’ve been closing each blog entry with a note of gratitude for how busy we are.  I do this as I truly am grateful and believe what I express gratitude for will increase in my life.  (Hopefully that’s not too metaphysical for a humble bakery blog post).  But I am extremely grateful for the Estancia and what good friends they’ve been to us.  If you’re in the market for a wedding venue, I’d highly recommend checking them out.

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