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The Schizophrenic Cake
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The Schizophrenic Cake


I had one of the more challenging cake construction tasks I’ve had at Twiggs this past weekend.  Mike and Amber had married recently and Amber had been quite unhappy with her wedding cake, which I hasten to add did not come from Twiggs.  Honestly, I’m not sure who did it or what the issue was.  But her birthday was this past weekend and Mike wanted to try to assuage her dissatisfaction with a great birthday cake.  She’s a huge fan of Shrek, so he googled around and found a picture of a tiered cake that was half Shrek / half Fiona.  The Fiona side was a traditional stacked cake and the Shrek side was a “topsy turvy” cake that was a little trashed, since he’s an ogre.  Whoever did that cake had basically decorated two half tiered cakes, put wax deli paper on the cut side and then pushed the two halves together.  They’d done a great job decorating the half cakes, but it just looked very odd with the deli paper and the obvious nature of the two cakes pushed together.  I wanted to take a single tiered cake and just carve one half the cake into a topsy turvy cake and decorate the two sides.  I’ve made many topsy turvy cakes, but never a half topsy turvy / half traditional.  I had to think about it a little while, but it was a fun challenge.  After I’d decorated the Shrek side, I grimaced as I tore the drapes to give it a trashed look.  It just seemed wrong to intentionally make a cake look trashy by tearing the decor, but I suppose that fits Shrek’s ogre lifestyle.  So here’s the bipolar result:


We had another superhero cake this past weekend with a collection of 6 superheroes.  Emily has become an expert on doing these figures — I told her she could get a job as an illustrator for a comic book if she decided to leave Twiggs.  I think these cakes look better if the characters are somehow engaged with each other, but the mom had given us a sketch with the 6 figures placed independently on the cake.  She’s paying for it, so obviously we’re going to do what she wants.  She absolutely loved the cake when she came to pick it up.


Finally, a wedding cake that went to the Hyatt Mission Bay and a 50th Anniversary Cake that went to the Faculty Club at UCSD.

That’s it for this week’s recap of the previous week’s highlights.  As always, thanks for keeping us so busy.  I’m extremely grateful.  And thanks for reading!



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