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Unique cakes for Casual to Elegant Affairs

It was another busy weekend at Twiggs Bakery this past weekend, but a bit more manageable than the past two weekends.  Two of the wedding cakes we did were new designs for us and both turned out fantastic, though they were for very different weddings with very different vibes.  Stephanie and Scott got married at the Wild Animal Park up in Escondido in the late morning and then had a luncheon reception at one of the pavilions beside a “lagoon” which is home to several exotic birds.  It’s a very fun and certainly unique place to have a wedding and reception — one that will no doubt stick in your guests’ memories.  I have to admit to having a love/hate relationship with Wild Animal Park deliveries.  Obviously, they don’t let you drive your vehicle through the park to the reception site.  You have to go to the employee parking lot, announce yourself, wait to be picked up in a golf cart and driven to the reception site (with the cake bouncing along in the golf cart), set the cake up and then be driven back to the employee parking lot in the golf cart.  I’ve waited as long as 15 minutes waiting to be picked up from both the parking lot and the reception site after I’ve finished setting up the cake.  This makes for a very long, drawn-out delivery and from this perspective, makes the delivery a real drag.  The flip side is that you get to drive past Elephants and other animals on the way to the reception site and get to look at some beautiful, exotic birds while you do your set-up.  So from that perspective, it’s a very fun delivery.  Stephanie wanted orchids incorporated into her cake and Emily came up with a great design that was very graphic.  They also had two side cakes which had fondant bamboo sticks and leaves.  I put the orchids on when I set the cake up and just absolutely loved it.  And it just looked great and right at home in it’s exotic, tropical setting.  Below is the cake along with a picture of the mini buffet.  You can click on the second picture to see a larger image.

At the other end of the spectrum, Jennifer and Brian got married and had their evening reception at the serene Estancia Hotel in La Jolla — one of my absolute favorite venues.  The Estancia is elegant in an understated, refined way — perfect for Southern California.  Jennifer wanted a design we’ve done many, many times and is quite popular these days — horizontal pleats piped with buttercream.  But Jennifer’s twist was to have us make small fondant roses to do a cascade down one side of the cake.  The pleats were in beige / eggshell, the roses were white with mint green leaves.  The florist had created a raised platform for the cake and had white hydrangeas circling the base of the cake, which really finished it off.  The cake was quite elegant and fit right into it’s elegant surroundings.

Once again, we had orders for a few baby shower cakes this past weekend.  I don’t know if there’s a mini baby boom going on or we’re just becoming more well known and thus getting more orders, but we’re making 3-5 baby shower cakes every weekend it seems.  First up is a very elegant baby shower cake that actually could me a wedding cake if it weren’t for the inscription around the base of the cake.  In fact, I’m planning on putting this picture in our fondant wedding cake gallery because I think several women would be intrigued by this cake — especially since “shabby chic” seems to be the code word these days for weddings.  Lydia did a wonderful job on this cake.  Next is a very cute, small cake with a stork on top and a tiered cake we’ve done several times now with baby booties on top.  You can click on either of the latter pictures to see a larger version.


Then, of course, our bread and butter — Kid’s Cakes!   Here’s a great tiered cake featuring Thomas the Train.  This was actually one of two Thomas the Train cakes we did this past weekend — the other a far more modest single cake with Thomas on top.  It’s nice to see there’s one segment of the population who still enjoys wholesome entertainment like Thomas — even if they are 2 and 3 years old.

Now from wholesome to gruesome.  Unfortunately, most all of us seem to get jaded with age.  Here’s a cake featuring Freddy Krueger’s hand.  But then to balance that, there’s a cake with a very pretty floral spray, a happy Bon Voyage cake and a birthday cake / groom’s cake for a USC alum.   I don’t know what the heck the bride was thinking – she only got her groom’s cake from us and had someone else do the wedding cake.  Oh well, I wish them well anyway.  You can click on any image to see a larger one.


That’s it for another week’s highlights.  We’re really busy these days and are booked up for several upcoming weekends.  If you’re thinking about getting a specialty cake from us, it’s best to give us as much notice as you can, otherwise, we might be booked up and unavailable.  Thanks to everyone for keeping us so busy and viably employed.  I’m grateful for each and every order.  Thanks for reading the blog!


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