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Another Blog Post
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Another Blog Post

Custom Cakes

Okay, that’s a totally lame title for this blog post, but it’s another super busy week here at Twiggs and I’m squeezing in a blog post.  We really did some great cakes last weekend and I wanted to highlight a few.  Actually, we’re doing great cakes every weekend these days.  I really feel like Twiggs is hitting it’s stride.  I’ve always been proud of what Twiggs produced, but now we’re doing the same quality at a much higher volume than before.  So without further ado, first up is a replica of a Ben and Jerry’s Cookie Dough Ice Cream  container.  The top actually lifted off so they could put a little ice cream in the cake before serving.  A young guy ordered this for his girlfriend.  She had to be impressed.

Next up, a replica of the Cat in the Hat’s hat for David who was turning 3.


Next up is a baby shower cake with a mom and baby giraffe head sticking up.  The mom-to-be had been to several bakeries who wouldn’t sign up for the giraffe heads (she had an inspiration picture that we basically copied).  They seemed awfully simple compared to a lot of things we do, so I told her we’d be happy to do it.  Hopefully she loved it. 


Finally, here’s a gorgeous coral colored wedding cake with a cascade of white fondant flowers.  The coral matched the bridesmaids dresses.  This got delivered to a rental home that was right on the beach (you can see folks on the beach in the background).  Roxi, the coordinator, reports the couple loved the cake.


That’s it for another blog post.  Thanks as always for reading and thanks especially for keeping us so busy.  I sound like a broken record, but I’m extremely grateful for the volume of business we have now.  Thanks for supporting Twiggs!


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