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Back to Busy

Custom Cakes

After a couple of slower (for us) weekends, we’re back to being very busy here at Twiggs Bakery.  It’s another super busy weekend coming up, so let’s get right to it!

Living in a big military town like San Diego, we do a lot of cakes for military events and families.  I’m sure I’m going to get the specific ranks wrong and I apologize, but the first cap was for a woman who was retiring from the Navy — a commander?  Her husband brought in her cap and I took several photos of it so we could recreate the cap.  Emily worked on this and it just came out fantastic.  It actually looked like a real cap!  There was also a graduation ceremony for some Chief Petty Officers on the USS Pinckney that had both the Navy Ensignia and the USS Pinckney emblem along with a list of the graduates.  It looked great too.


I delivered to a new venue (for us) this weekend — Sweetwater Regional Park in Bonita.  Honestly, I had pretty low expectations and was thinking I’d be delivering a cake to a group of picnic tables.  But the park has a very nice contemporary building with a great deck and a wall of windows overlooking the Sweetwater Reservoir.  It was actually a great venue for a casual wedding.  Fortunately, the A/C works great as it was quite hot down there.  It was a huge wedding.  They got a four tier fondant covered cake with a large drape and then a Charger’s Lightning Bolt for a groom’s cake.  Hopefully, their marriage will be more exciting than the Charger’s lackluster loss to the Falcons the next day.


Damask continues to be quite popular.  Here’s a pretty cake that went to the Park Manor Suites with a damask stencil on the center tier and random pearls on the top and bottom tiers.


Gender Reveal cakes are becoming increasingly popular.  The expectant parents bring the results of the ultrasound to us in a sealed envelope.  We look at the results and then bake either a pink or blue cake and frost it in white buttercream.  The couple then has a party and when they cut into the cake, everyone finds out together what the sex of the new baby will be.  It’s a fun way for a couple to celebrate with family and friends.  We typically do a pink and blue baby carriage on top, but this past weekend, we did two different gender reveals with two different designs.  One had baby booties with both blue and pink laces.  I want to clarify that the couple’s last name is Pihl; we didn’t misspell the new arrival’s potential name, Phil.  I do hope they seriously consider that name, however.  Phil Pihl has a nice ring to it.  The other cake had a onesie with “boy” and “girl” on either side.  The colors on this cake are more saturated than the typical baby colors, but we were matching color swatches the expectant mom gave us.    Since the cakes were cut and served this past weekend, I can now share that both couples will be welcoming little boys into the world.  We also did one more baby shower cake last weekend but it was no surprise that it will be a little girl.  You can click on any image to see a larger version.


Probably 12 years ago, we did a tasting for a bride and then didn’t hear back.  About 3 weeks before the wedding, her maid of honor called and said the bride loved our cakes, but just couldn’t fit a wedding cake into her budget.  She was upset she wouldn’t have a cake at her wedding, so the bridesmaids were all chipping in to surprise her with a cake at her wedding.  I asked what design they wanted for the cake and the maid of honor just said to make it something simple and classic.  So I made a triple swiss dot cake with a green apple ribbon (the wedding color) and placed white roses on it.  The picture of that cake has sold more cakes than any other picture by a landslide;  we just change the ribbon color and flower colors to match whatever the wedding colors are.  Probably 15% of the wedding cakes we do are triple swiss dot and it’s easy to understand why.  It’s a classic design that will never look out of style or dated.  This past weekend we did another triple swiss dot.  The bride wanted it to be an exact duplicate of that cake from 12 years ago, right down to the  green apple ribbon and white roses.  So here it is in the garden at the Hyatt Mission Bay — pretty and classic as ever.


Finally, here are a few more cakes we did this past weekend.  There’s a pretty 2 tier cake with vines and orchids for Emily who was turning 95!  Next is a classic cake with stylized lambdas, another popular design.  This cake was delivered to the Newport Yacht operated by Hornblower Cruises.  Next are two kid’s cakes — a 2D rocket and a cake with a soccer ball on top.   Then there’s a 2 tier princess cake for Izabella that’s a duplicate of a cake already on our website and a Baptism Cake with pretty little white flowers.  Click on any image to see a bigger picture.




We did quite a few more cakes this past weekend, but the above are the highlights.  So we’re back to busy and it stays that way for the next few weeks.  We’re booking up about 2-3 weeks in advance these days, so if you’d like to get a cake from us, the sooner you get the order in, the better.  We can almost always accomodate 8″ and 10″ cake orders with no specilized decoration with 24 hours notice.  But if you want anything unique, it’s important to call early.

So thanks for keeping us so busy!  Our breakfast business is booming as well.  I remain extremely grateful for how busy we are and what a great job my staff does on all our products —  be they cakes, a breakfast scramble, a cheese danish or a double latte.  Twiggs has really become the business I dreamed it could be and I’m so grateful to everyone who’s a part of it — be it an employee or customer.  Thank You!!


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