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Buried in Flour
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Buried in Flour

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Okay, we’re not literally buried in flour here at Twiggs Bakery, but we remain extraordinarily busy — so busy that it’s been a month since my last “weekly” blog post.  Too much work is a good problem to have, so I’m not complaining.  But I’ve enjoyed doing these posts and discussing the stories behind many of the cakes.  So I feel like I’m giving short shrift to some great cakes by only doing a monthly entry here rather than a weekly one.  But in the interest of getting a new post done, I’ll forge ahead so my monthly entry doesn’t turn into a bi-monthly entry.   There’s no way I can discuss all the great cakes we’ve done in the last month in much detail, but here are some highlights and some cliff notes to go with them.

We remain as busy as ever with wedding cakes.  I love doing wedding cakes and seeing the range of styles that people want for a cake celebrating such a big day in their lives.  Some want elegant, formal cakes ready for their Martha Stewart photo shoot.  At the other extreme, some couples want very fun cakes that are almost a pop art statement.  And some couples want a personalized cake that reflects their interests in some way.  So let’s start with some very elegant cakes which have gone to such elegant locations as the US Grant and the Lodge at Torrey Pines.   Edible pearls are really big now for wedding cake decoration.  We’ve done variations of the first cake pictured below before, but this is the first time we’ve used a mixture of white and silver edible pearls.  We also handmade the peonies that decorate the side of one of the tiers.  It really came out spectacularly.   The second cake features a pretty tedious application of thin fondant strips into floral patterns on the side of the top and bottom tiers.  It took a while to finish, but the pay off in the end was worth it.   I’ve included two more “classy” wedding cakes after these two, though in a smaller format (you can click on these to see a larger format).  The first picture combines two very popular styles now — damask and bling ribbon.  The second is a very pretty in yellow cake with this same increasingly ubiquitous bling ribbon.


In the more casual category is a cake I did for some friends of ours.  Ian and Gina were both married before and had families of their own before divorcing their first spouses years ago.  They’ve been together for nearly 18 years now and never felt a pressing need to get married, but recently decided to take the plunge.  Honestly, I didn’t even realize they weren’t married until they asked us to the wedding.  I quickly volunteered to make their cake.  They ended up getting an extremely low maintenance cake — it wasn’t even decorated! — at least, not much.  This is a style we’ve done a few times before where you assemble the cake and then just set it up un-iced with exposed sides.  We did put a little buttercream on top of each tier along with a sprinkling of powdered sugar, but that was it.  It makes a very rustic cake and one I’m always surprised looks good when it’s set up.  Ian and Gina got married in their backyard literally surrounded by their children and grandchildren.  It was a beautiful, touching scene and I’m not just writing puffed up stuff because they might read it.  It really was a poignant wedding and I’m genuinely happy we got to be a part of it in some small way.  So here’s Ian and Gina’s rustic cake.

Now to fun and personalized cakes.  The groom for this next cake is a professional glass worker, making glass art objects for a living.  When Bernie met with them for their tasting, they wanted a cake with starfish and sea shells — very common here in our oversized beach town.  Bernie suggested the groom personalize their cake by making the starfish himself from glass, using whatever colors they wanted.  So that’s what he did.  We finished the cake off with some white chocolate coral and sea shells.   It’s a wonderfully personalized cake that, to me, makes the best kind of wedding cakes.  Then there’s a very pop art wedding cake with teal embellishments and ORANGE flowers.  It just looked great and this bride was kind enough to write a glowing review on Wedding Wire which we appreciate tremendously.   Finally, a REAL pop art statement extolling the couple to Laugh Often and Love Much.   Hard to argue with that advice.

We’ve done two 3-D Air Force planes in the past month for two men at different milestones in their lives.  The first was a groom’s cake for a guy who flew an F15 Strike Eagle in Afghanistan.  This was a smaller cake which really was a fun surprise for the groom and not meant to serve a ton of folks — the wedding cake was for that.  The second was a much larger cake meant to feed 60-70.  It was a replica of a B47 that the 80 year old birthday boy flew during the Korean War.  This one was a real logistical challenge as the wing span of the plane is actually longer than the plane itself.  It was tricky getting this to fit through the 3 foot wide doors of our walk-in.   But it made it safely to Rancho Valencia for the celebration.  I heard it was the hit of the party.   You can click on either image below to see a larger version of these edible fighters.


Finally, I’ll close out this post with our bread and butter — kid’s cakes and baby shower cakes.  The thing that’s got us so busy these days is the explosion in the number of non-wedding cakes we’re doing now.  We’re basically doing about the same volume of wedding cakes we’ve done the past few years — though there’s definitely a bump now with the Supreme Court ruling that officially overturned Prop 8.  The difference between this year and the last couple of years, however, is the number of birthday (particularly kid’s birthdays) and baby shower cakes we’re doing now.  We’re probably doing triple the amount of those now.  I think this is the real sign of the change in the economy.  People always got married even in tough economic times.  But in those same tough times, people scaled back on more modest celebrations like birthdays and showers.  But now that there’s a little more cash flowing around and people are feeling a little more comfortable in general, we’re getting a LOT more orders.  So yippee all around.

Here’s some fun cakes we’ve done for some of the younger inhabitants of this lovely city.  First is a 3D Toxic Waste Can for a kid who was having a “Toxic Waste” themed party.  Hopefully no one was exposed to any actual toxic waste during the soiree.   Then we have a very cute tiered cake with some baby animals.  Mickey and Minnie seem to be eternally popular thanks to the Disney marketing machine (if only Betty Boop had such a powerhouse behind her).  First is a tiered cake that’s a clever mash-up of Mickey’s shorts and Donald Duck’s jacket.  Then there’s a variation on a Minnie Mouse tiered cakes we’ve done many times and finally a cake featuring Mickey as a toddler.  Then I’ll close out with some baby shower cakes we’ve done — a sailor bear themed tiered cake as well as one with a baby rattle on top.  Finally there’s a cake with lot of baby paraphernalia on it.  You can click on any of these cakes to see a larger image.




So that’s it for some of the highlights for the past month.  I’ve added these and more pictures to our on-line galleries.  We’re booking up about 2-3 weeks in advance now for more time-consuming orders.   So if you see something you like here, then plan ahead!   We’re turning down a lot of orders these days with folks calling on Monday and Tuesday for cakes they want for Saturday.  I hate turning away business, but there’s only so much we can do and maintain the level of quality I want to.  Thanks for reading the blog and thanks for supporting Twiggs.  I’m extremely grateful for how busy we are these days.



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