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Cake Buffet for a Wedding
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Cake Buffet for a Wedding


I love it when people hire Twiggs to make a cake buffet or cake centerpieces for their wedding.  Rather than one single wedding cake, we do several cakes with different designs and different flavors.  It allows the couple to serve a lot of different flavors at their wedding as well as having a conversation piece at their reception.

This past weekend we did the cakes for a cake buffet at Erica’s wedding at the Condor Nest Ranch in Pala.  The Ranch is pretty isolated.  You drive about a mile and a half past the Pala Casino on 76 and then turn onto a small, poorly marked road and head 3 and half miles up into the mountains.  You drive through an orange grove before eventually reaching a large ranch house with a spectacular view of the valley below.  It was a clear day and I could even see downtown San Diego in the far, far distance.  It’s definitely rural and remote, but it’s a pretty great place if you’re looking for that sort of venue.  Despite the seculsion, it’s not a secret.  They’re completely booked for 2012.  But here’s a link to their site if you’re considering a date in 2013 or beyond.  http://www.thecondorsnestranch.com/

 Erica wanted a cake buffet with a slightly vintage feel but using rather bright colors — a golden yellow, orange and fushia.  She sent a picture of a bunch of renunculus for the color sample.   I’ve done several of these buffets and centerpiece weddings.  A common denominator seems to be that the brides all like color — no all white cakes for these women.  I talked with Erica about what she was looking for and then sent some sketches with the cautionary note that this would be a very colorful display, just to make sure she was up for all that color.  She tweaked a few designs, but none of the colors.  Her mom had gone a little crazy on Ebay buying vintage cake toppers — more than they needed actually — so every cake had their own vintage bride and groom, which was great.  

I loved the display.  Below is a big picture of the entire display and then smaller photos of each of the individual cakes.  You can click on the smaller photos to see a bigger image of each cake if you like.  So if you’re up for a non-traditional wedding cake, you should consider a cake buffet which will allow your guests a wide variety of flavors.






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