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Cakes from Labor Day Weekend
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Cakes from Labor Day Weekend

Custom Cakes

This past weekend was Labor Day, so we celebrated at Twiggs by laboring!   Most weekends, the majority of cakes are on Saturday, but that shifts for the 3 day holiday weekends.  Lots of couples elect to have Sunday weddings over long weekends so that out of town guests have a day more to spend in tourist-friendly San Diego.  It’s nice for us in that the work gets spread out over an additional day so there’s not that crazy push on Saturday.  But it’s no fun in the sense that you don’t really get Sunday off yourself.  But that’s one of the truisms of the food business — everyone else’s holidays are your busiest times.  We ended up with 9 weddings this past weekend, including one on Monday, Labor Day itself.  So here are some of the highlights — wedding and otherwise.

We’re frequently in the knock-off business here.  Most people buy what they can see and almost every bride combs through websites looking for inspiration pictures.  Jennifer fell in love with a cake that’s pretty popular right now.  She ended up paying for way more cake than she needed as she had her heart set on a four tier cake.  This went up to the Bernardo Winery in Rancho Bernardo on Monday, a very pleasant outdoor venue, though a tad toasty this time of year.   It’s a fondant covered cake with a fondant rose whose petals spread out over the rest of the cake.  The spreading petals actually only cover half the cake.  This angle makes it look like they cover the entire cake, which would really be overkill.

The next trio of cakes went to the lovely Darlington House in La Jolla.  Genevieve was very particular about the look she wanted for her cakes.  We went through several e-mail exchanges and I came to understand she wanted an extremely clean and precise look.  For the pattern she wanted for her main cake, I thought edible images would be the best option as this would provide the most precise look by a long shot.  As luck would have it, I was judging a cake show right when we were discussing her design options.  One of the entries had an edible image print very similar to what she wanted, so I was able to take a picture of that cake and send it to her so she could see it “in real life.”  That sold her.  For the side cakes, I sent her to a website that sells culinary stencils since a stencil will give a much cleaner look than piping something by hand.  She found one she loved, so we did the edible image on the main three tier cake and the stencil on the two satellite cakes.  I thought they looked great.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t hang around until the florist put the flowers on the cake as I had a tight delivery schedule.  But I think they still look great unadorned.


Here are a few more wedding cakes we did.  The first “chandilier” drape went to the Admiral Kidd Club.  We’ve already gotten a 5 star review from that bride on The Wedding Wire, which we appreciate tremendously.  After that is a cake with a simple cascade of small lilac colored flowers that went to Scripps Seaside Forum.  Then there’s a very casual cake that went to a rental home in Mission Beach right on the bay.  After that’s an elegant white scroll cake that went to the serene Estancia.  The lightings a little funky on this one as they were setting up and adjusting the lighting when I was taking the picture.  They wanted me to wait until they were done, but I had another delivery I had to get to, so I had to live with the somewhat oddly lit cake.  Finally there’s a chocolate glazed cake with a simple white cornelli lace at the base.  This cake went to the Boathouse Restaurant on Harbor Island.  You can click on any of these pictures to see a larger image.



Now for some non-wedding cakes.  First is a pretty stunning replica of Hans Solo sealed in Carbonite for his delivery to Jabba the Hut as well as an eye-catching Versace cake.

Finally a tier birthday cake for a mom who’s son picked out the cake colors — green and purple along with a baptism cake for a crowd.  Click on either image to see a larger one.


So that’s it for last weekend.  This coming weekend is somewhat calmer, but there’s a couple of huge decorating challenges that I’m actually not quite sure how we’re going to pull off – including a wedding cake designed to look like a birch tree.  So tune in next week to see how it turned out!

We had a huge weekend over Labor Day — not just with cakes but with our breakfast and coffeehouse business at both locations as well.  As always, I’m extremely grateful for the volume of business we have now.  We’re doing great and I thank you all for supporting Twiggs!

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