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Calls, calls, calls
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Calls, calls, calls

Custom Cakes

We’ve just been swamped the last few weeks with e-mails and phone calls about cake pricing here at Twiggs.  There were so many last week that I actually didn’t have time to do my weekly blog post.  So this post will combine the last couple of weeks plus a few more cakes from January when I was on vacation and not doing any posts.

Admiral Kidd is an event center at the Naval Mine and Anti-Submarine Command Center on Point Loma.  It’s a great setting for a wedding because it’s right on the water looking across the bay to the San Diego skyline.  We deliver to the Admiral Kidd a lot, probably more than any other single venue, actually.  Here are three cakes that have all gone to Admiral Kidd weddings in the past couple of months.  The fourth cake went to the 19th Hole, a clubhouse on the golf course on the North Island Naval Base.  This is another great option for folks looking for venues on military bases as you have the whole place to yourself.  You don’t really get an ocean or bay view here, but there’s a lovely view of the golf course.  This cake along with one of the Admiral Kidd cakes features what I call a “bling ribbon” — something we never used until last year, but now is quite popular.   You can click on any image to see a larger version.



Here are two baby shower cakes we did.  The woman who ordered the first cake with the baby carriage on top was so happy with the cake she posted a note on our facebook page and then phoned the bakery on Monday to tell us personally how happy she was with the cake.  I love customers like that!  The second cake was something of a last minute order where the woman phoning had basically forgotten to order a cake (at least that’s what I read between the lines).  She said the theme of the shower was owls and just to do something with that.  So I made a mom and baby owl on a branch that I thought was quite cute.  Click on either image to see a larger version:


I’ve never seen the show “Walking Dead,” but Lydia, one of our bakers, is a real fan.  So when we got an order for a “Walking Dead” cake, she knew just what the deal was.  The show is about zombies and this cake shows one part of the show where the zombies are locked behind a door at a hospital with the scrawled warning not to open the padlocked doors because there are “dead inside.”  We also did a cake featuring a 3-D skateboard on top (apparently there’s some brand of skateboard called Penny — this replicated one of those skateboards) and two high heel cakes — one featuring a high heel on a shoe box and the other a 2-dimensional high heel for what had to be a festive party based on the inscription.



Finally, the last two weekends (like every weekend) have featured a slew of kid’s cakes.  This past weekend we did not one, but two cakes based on the movie, Cars and a repeat of a very fun Cat in the Hat cake we’ve done before.  There was also the requisite Mickey Mouse cake and cakes featuring Rapunzel in her tower letting down her golden hair all over the cake, a bumblebee transformer, Thomas the Train and Monster High.  Finally, a couple of cakes from back in January that deserve their moment in the blinding sun of the Twiggs blog:  a 3-D bumblebee and a cake featuring a cute giraffe and monkey.  As always, click on any image to see a larger version.






WHEW!  That’s a lot of pictures.  Believe it or not, we did about 10 more specialty cakes that didn’t make the cut, not to mention the 20-30 “regular” cakes we did over the past 2 weeks.  We’ve been quite busy, which is great.  This week we have a 3-D Jameson Whiskey bottle and a Lord of the Rings book among other fun orders.  Tune in next week to see how they turned out.

Thanks as always for reading the blog and thanks so much for keeping us so busy and viably employed.  I very happy and proud of what our bakery has grown into.  So if you want a special order cake, it’s best to contact us several weeks in advance.  We’re getting busier and busier and now we’re heading into wedding season when we’ll take fewer specialty cake orders as we’ll be focusing on the wedding cakes.  So Plan Ahead, Folks!   Thanks again!








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