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First comes love, then comes marriage, then come KIDS!
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First comes love, then comes marriage, then come KIDS!

Custom Cakes

It’s been a while since I really focused on some kid’s cakes, which along with wedding cakes is the bulk of our business here at Twiggs Bakery.   So I figured I’d start off this post featuring some super cute kids cakes we’ve done.  One of the byproducts of working in a bakery that does so many cakes for kids is that you really keep up on all the latest TV shows popular with the under 6 crowd.  I’d never heard of Doc McStuffin until this past weekend when Leah’s mom ordered a cake for her with a Doc McStuffin theme.  Turns out Doc McStuffin is a doctor for stuffed animals, which sounds like cute overload.  But Leah’s cake was just cute.  Meanwhile Nico’s mom was hosting a pirate themed birthday party for him and wanted a cake complete with skull and crossbones along with a treasure chest.  Emily did a fantastic job on both of them.


If you have a child under the age of 9, you’re probably sick of the Disney movie Frozen by now.  Here’s my advice:  Let it go!  Let it go!  Run away and slam the door!  Seriously, the cutest character in the movie has to be Olaf.  He’s voiced by the guy who originated the role of Arnold, one of the Mormon missionaries in The Book of Mormon on Broadway.  It was amusing to me to listen to his very distinctive voice as Olaf in this children’s story and associate it with such a non-kid friendly role from Broadway.  I doubt any 7 year olds have made that connection, so I’m sure it’s okay.  Anyway, you don’t have to be prepubescent to appreciate Frozen and Olaf as this next cake shows.

Most folks buy what they can see, so the majority of our orders duplicate things already on our website or someone else’s with minor changes.  Oddly, we had two Dr. Seuss cakes a couple of weeks ago with fundamentally the same design for the same day duplicating a cake we did last year.  I’ll close out the kid’s cake portion of this post with a very sweet cake for a one year old.


We’re still in the midst of graduation season, though it’s trailing off now.  But here are two grad cakes we did this past weekend which stand out.


I mentioned in the last blog post about how many military cake orders we’re getting now.  Here’s one we did last weekend for a woman retiring from the Navy Nursing Corps after 25 years of service.



I can’t really have a blog post without showing at least a couple of wedding cakes.  The first is a very happy cake decorated with sunflowers that went to the San Diego Rowing Club in Mission Beach.  It’s the first time that I’d delivered there and I have to say it’s a pretty cool spot.  If you want something contemporary, open air and on the water, I’d definitely recommend checking them out.  The contemporary nature of the design of this wedding cake along with the happy sunflowers fit the feel and mood of the space perfectly.  The groom for that wedding is a dedicated body builder, so they also got a groom’s cake decorated like a stack of weights with their wedding date and name on it.

Next is a very subtle mint green ombre that went to the recently renovated and reinvigorated Tom Ham’s Lighthouse.  Tom Ham’s was closed for a lot of last year for “renovations.”  I was delivering to the Admiral Kidd Club last year and looked across the bay towards Tom Ham’s.  Renovation is an understatement.  They basically tore the place down and completely rebuilt it.  The floor plan is the same (at least the two downstairs banquet rooms that I deliver to — don’t know about the upstairs public dining space).  But it does look nice and spiffy now.  And they’ve added a separate lawn area to hold weddings.  They really did a nice job.  And I thought we did a nice job on this subtle ombre.

I’ll close with a baby shower cake for a mom who’s a big Pittsburgh Steelers fan.  Hopefully, the child doesn’t live up to the towel’s name.  For the non sports fan, the Steelers fans carry a trademark “Terrible Towel” that they wave during games.  I’m not a Pittsburgh fan, so I have no idea of the origin of that tradition.  But it seems they’ve been doing it since the 70’s.


Well, that’s it for another post.  At this point, we’re basically booked up through July 13 for anything other than basic 8″ and 10″ retail cakes, which just seems crazy to me — but crazy in a good way.  But please call or e-mail anyway.  We might be able to fit in a mid-week special order.  Anything on a weekend will be tough, but you never know.  We did order another walk-in today, however, so expansion possibilities are on the way.  (I hope expansion is on the way.  We’ve got to pay for this new $18,000 walk-in!!!).  So thanks for reading the post and thanks for keeping us so freaking busy.  I’m extremely grateful for each order and each show of faith in Twiggs to help you celebrate whatever special occasion you have.  It makes me happy to think of literally hundreds of people eating cake from Twiggs every weekend.   Thanks!!!


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