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Good Grief, We’re Busy!
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Good Grief, We’re Busy!

Custom Cakes

I’m happy to report the recession is long over for Twiggs.  Our cafes are doing great — especially breakfast on weekends — actually the entire weekend is strong for both stores.  And I don’t think our bakery has ever been busier.  We’re so busy, I didn’t get around to my weekly post last week as we were working so much on orders for last weekend.  So this post will cover highlights from the past two weeks, which featured some pretty fantastic cakes, if I do say so myself . . . and I do.   We’ll start with the wedding cake highlights.

Megan and Edgar got married at the ultra cool Ultimate Skybox — on the top floor of the Diamond View Towers next to Petco Park in East Village downtown.  You really don’t have to do anything to make the Skybox look great, but I have to say Megan and Edgar’s reception may be the most elegant I’ve seen there.  I exchanged more than a handful of e-mails with the couple fine tuning their design and options.  They ended up with a silver lace stencil.  It’s one of the most striking, elegant wedding cakes I’ve ever done.   I was just super happy with it when I set it up.

Another elegant cake got delivered to Park Manor Suites.  This is another great venue on the top floor of a building — this one in Banker’s Hill next to Balboa Park.  We’re very fortunate to be part of the wedding package that Park Manor offers.   The cake was covered in mini-pearls and accented with white chocolate sea shells we made specifically for this wedding.  I thought this cake looked great as well.


I delivered to a new venue (for me, that is) this past Saturday — Luce Warehouse in the East Village about a block from Petco Park.  I was actually lucky in that this delivery and the one to the Ultimate Skybox were timed perfectly.  I parked on 10th Avenue and walked a half block to Luce Warehouse and set this cake up and then went back to the truck and went across the street to Diamond View Towers and the Skybox.  I don’t think having two deliveries so close together has ever happened in 20 years of delivering wedding cakes.  Luce Warehouse has a very industrial loft feel and the cake had a very modern design which felt right at home in the uber modern setting.

Before we leave wedding cakes, here’s a couple of other ones we did of note:  a pretty cake with swirls and fresh fruit for a couple celebrating their marriage in Ireland a few weeks before and cake / mini-cupcake buffet with a very casual feel.  On this set-up the space was tight and there was no stand for the mini-brownies, so I ended up making a train of mini-brownies through the display.  I thought it looked pretty cool and certainly appropriate for this very casual affair.  You can click on either image to see a larger version.


No weekend would be complete without several kid’s cakes.  We did an especially striking tiered cake with an Alice in Wonderland theme.  The budget didn’t quite allow for the “topsy turvy” tiered cakes often called “Mad Hatter” cakes.  But I still think this cake looked pretty darn over the top, if not over the topsy.

Next are a few more kid’s cakes we did — a tiered cake with the ubiquitous Hello Kitty (honestly, it seems like we do some version of Hello Kitty every weekend) and a tiered zebra stripe cake for a 2 year old.  Then there’s a Wonder Woman themed cake as well as a Finding Nemo theme cake for a little boy ironically named Finn.  Finally, we recreated a Bubble Guppies cake we did last year for a special little guy who lives in Eastlake.  Click on any image to see a larger version.



Another celebration we’re making cakes for every weekend these days are baby showers.   First there’s a great tiered cake for a little yet-to-be-born boy with lots of baby paraphernalia — rattles, cribs, bottles etc on the cake and then a more non-specific tiered cake for a little soon-to-be-here girl.    Lastly, gender reveal cakes are becoming so common that it seems we’re doing one of these every other weekend.  This one was a unique design which came out great.  Click on any image to see a larger version.


Okay, I think that’s enough.  There are more cakes to show, but I’ve got to get back to work.   We can always take standard 8″ or 10″ store cakes with no specialized decoration with one or two days notice.  But if you want a sheet cake or some specialized design like the cakes above, you really need to contact us at least 2-3 weeks in advance.  We’re so busy right now and we have a very small staff and limited space.  We’re not a factory making cakes from 50 pound bags of mixes or using cheapo plastic decorations used by most grocery stores.  We make everything from scratch and make most all our decorations by hand.  I’ve been impressed with how much we’ve put out in the last month at such a high quality level, but there’s a limit to how much we can do and maintain the quality I want to maintain.  We’ve turned down a lot of orders the last couple of weeks from folks calling 1-3 days prior to when they want the cake (including one person who wanted their wedding cake in 2 days!).  So Plan Ahead!   And thanks so much for keeping us so busy — not just with cakes, but with making breakfast, morning pastries and espresso drinks.  It’s been very gratifying to see the business doing so well of late.  So Thanks!





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