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Good Grief, We’re Swamped!
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Good Grief, We’re Swamped!

Custom Cakes

Okay, I’m way behind on getting blog posts out.  My goal has been to do a post a week featuring the cakes we did at Twiggs from the previous week.  We’re just so busy right now, however, that I just haven’t had time to do that.  Now I’ve got about a month’s worth of cakes and there’s just a ton of stuff to show.   It’s sort of tough deciding which cakes to feature, but here are some highlights.  The cakes that don’t get featured here will still be uploaded to our galleries, which is certainly more important in the long run.

Michael was turning 40 and had just completed a 3 year training period to become certified as an elevator service technician.  His partner Russ wanted to surprise him with an “Elevator of Doom” cake — an elevator that had somehow flown out of a building and crashed onto a sidewalk and now had police caution tape around it.  On the side of the elevator, Russ wanted a photo collage of Michael and him and their dogs at various stages in their lives.   We don’t get projects like this every week and I had a lot of fun figuring out how to pull this off.  Russ was very excited when he picked it up.

Of course, we’ve done several wedding cakes over the past 3 weeks.  I decided to feature two rather unusual ones here, both for very different weddings.  Weddings are very interesting events to be a part of because different couples approach them so differently.  Some want a very formal, elegant affair while others want a very casual, fun event.  These two cakes demonstrate those two extremes.  Veronica and Jay had their reception at the Museum of Contemporary Art in La Jolla.  Veronica wanted a rather modern, stylized cake with bands brushed with metallic silver lustre dust.  We recreated her very unique wedding ring to place at the base of the top tier.  It all made for a very striking cake.  Meanwhile, Heather and Clint had their reception on a Hornblower Cruise.  They’re both swimmers and apparently pretty competitive with each other.  They had a very fun cake with two swimmers on top with pearl dragees trailing behind them.    So here are two very different ways to celebrate a wedding:

Now from weddings to 50th Anniversaries.  This couple’s first date was over a game of monopoly which apparently has become legend within the family.  So for the 50th anniversary, one of their daughters ordered a replica of a monopoly board.   This was a fun cake to work on.

It seems most every little girl wants to be a princess and we did several princess cakes over the past 3 weeks.  So here are three of them.  And while we’re showing kid’s cakes, I’ll throw in a very cute lady bug cake we did for the first birthday of a little girl we did a baby shower cake for last year.  Then there’s a little Tinkerbell cake and a Winnie the Pooh Gun Show cake I have to show since they’re both so cute.   You can click on any image to see a larger one.




Finally, I can’t close without showing a great groom’s cake we did for a couple who grew up on Star Wars.  It’s a replica of Darth Vader’s helmet with the saying “May The Force Be With Us.”   Lydia worked on this and just did a fantastic job.

Yeah!  I got the blog post done!   So we’re just super busy right now and are booked up for larger orders about a month in advance these days.  We can always take orders for simple 8″ and 10″ cakes with not much notice.  But if you want a cake like any of the ones featured above, you should contact us at least a month in advance.  We get calls all the time now where we have to tell folks that we’re sorry but we just can’t take on their order.   I hate turning business away, but it’s a good problem to have, I suppose.  So thanks for reading this and thanks for supporting Twiggs.  I’m very grateful for how busy we are these days and how great things are going!



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