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Hornblower Cruise Weddings
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Hornblower Cruise Weddings


It’s been a while since I blogged about a wedding venue, so I decided to start those back up since wedding season is back and venues are in my mind again.  I wrote a while back about The Abbey on 5th Avenue in Banker’s Hill.  The same corporation that runs the Abbey also operates Hornblower Cruises which sail around the San Diego Bay.  You can book your wedding with Hornblower and get married “at sea” and then sail around the bay for about 3 hours for dinner and dancing.  It makes for a unique wedding and one your guests are sure to remember.  It’s also a great choice for destination wedding brides as Hornblower handles so much of the coordination.  They have yachts that hold anywhere from 25 to 1000.   To learn more about having your wedding on a Hornblower Cruise, check out their website:  http://www.hornblower.com/hce/port/category/sd+weddings

Hornblower sells a wedding package that includes the wedding cake.  There are a couple of cake vendors to choose from and I wouldn’t be writing about Hornblower if Twiggs wasn’t one of the options.  We’ve actually been with Hornblower for over 10 years now and we’ve seen about 7-8 other bakeries come and go in that time as other cake vendor options.    The unique thing about delivering to a boat is that you HAVE to be on time with your delivery.  If you’re too late, the reception site has set sail and there’s just no way to get the cake to the reception without the boat returning to dock.  At least one bakery got the boot due to consistent delivery problems.  I won’t name that bakery though I suppose it doesn’t matter, as they went out of business a few years back.  All the other bakeries that were options all dropped out by their own choice because delivering to a yacht is a complete pain in the neck at times.  You have to go out on a dock which generally has a locked gate.  Then you’re pushing your cart carrying the cake down the dock which is generally a very bumpy ride that jars the cake considerably.  But I’ve made peace with the delivery hassle of boat deliveries a few years ago as we get a lot of weddings through Hornblower.  This past weekend, for instance, we had three weddings with Hornblower.

Certainly no blog post is complete without a picture, so here’s a cake we delivered yesterday to a Hornblower yacht called The Emerald — probably the boat we deliver to the most.  When I was assigning decorating assignments for the weekend, I knew I sure as heck didn’t want to decorate this cake so I assigned it to unsuspecting Emily.  She about had a nervous breakdown piping all the dots.  I told her to think of it as a zen experience — mindlessly repeating the same task over and over to reach enlightenment, but that didn’t seem to work for her.  Still, when all was said and done and Emily’s hand had cramped up for the 10th time, the tedium was worth it.  The cake just looked fantastic.

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