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Kids and the Wedding Doldrums
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Kids and the Wedding Doldrums

Custom Cakes

Thank Goodness for Kids — their births and their birthdays.   It’s the wedding doldrum season, so it’s slow in the bakery right now.  Thank goodness for kid’s cakes or we’d be playing Spades to pass the time.  My staff would probably enjoy that, but our bank account certainly wouldn’t.  (And thank goodness our breakfast / coffeehouse business is going great guns at both Twiggs locations).    We did have one small wedding last week. 

Devon e-mailed us with a last minute request from Michigan.  His fiance, stationed in San Diego, was about to be deployed so they decided pretty hastily to get married right before she left for deployment.  With the short notice, they were having a very intimate wedding, but still wanted a two tier cake.  One advantage of small weddings, is that you can elect a more expensive per serving design and it’s still not going to break the bank as it’s only going to be for 25 servings.  Devon wanted a pretty elegant cake for their wedding and selected a look that’s quite popular right now — fondant ruffles.  Like many destination weddings, I never actually got to meet Devon.  He arranged for everything via e-mail and phone.

Now to the kids.  First is a tiered cake based on Ninjago, the Lego Ninjas.  And keeping with the Lego theme, we did a giant Lego Block.  Then we did a 2D Robot and a cake we’ve probably done 10 times now — a sheet cake with plaques based on the Yo Gabba Gabba characters.   Going a little old school, we did a cake with a Wonka Bar on top and for the kid to be, a Baby Shower cake with a pregnant woman on top.  Our last kid’s order involved some happy cupcakes.    Finally, for an adult who’s obsessed with the Day of the Dead, a definitely non-kid themed cake with a Day of the Dead skull.   You can click on any of these pictures to see a larger version.







So that’s it for another week at Twiggs Bakery.   We’re a little busier this week with Valentine’s Day.  I hope you all have a happy day with your Valentine, whether they be 2-legged, 4 legged, real or imaginary.   Thanks for supporting Twiggs and for reading the blog!

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