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Lydia and Emily Appeasement Post
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Lydia and Emily Appeasement Post

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With the advent of Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest, blogs almost seem quaint and old fashioned now.  I’m sure in 4 years there will be 3 new things that make instagram obsolete.  Facebook already seems like a dinosaur.  So I wonder if there’s any point in keeping up with these blog posts.  I know very few of my bakery colleagues (translation competitors) keep blogs and the small handful that do haven’t updated their blogs in over half a year in the best case scenario.  Still Emily and Lydia (especially) enjoy seeing their work highlighted on the blog and I can’t fault them for that.  Lydia has been hounding me to write a new blog post, so this post is to appease her.  I told her I thought the three of us were the only ones who actually read our blog anymore.  If you really want to keep up with what we’re doing on a more timely basis, start following our instagram account:  @twiggsbakerycafe.   In the mean time, here we go . . .

Both Emily and Lydia have really come into their own as decorators.  I use to think of myself as the best decorator at Twiggs and would impart my knowledge to Emily, Lydia and whoever else was around.  Emily and Lydia, however, long ago surpassed me and they’re both putting out work that I greatly admire and am very glad that I didn’t have to work on myself.  Bernie and I actually took two weeks off recently and we were just slammed with orders.  Thanks to me, we’d done a very poor job of controlling the number of orders we took to account for the fact that I wasn’t going to be around to help with decorating and deliveries.  I was a little worried about how things would turn out, but they along with Michelle did a fantastic job.  I was really blown away by some of the pictures they sent me when I was on vacation.  So let’s take a look.

First up is a beautiful loose ruffle cake Emily did that went to Breaker’s Beach at the North Island Naval Base on Coronado.  Breaker’s Beach is probably my least favorite venue to deliver to because it’s where cakes go to die in direct sunlight.  The venue is basically a large deck on the beach with zero shade.  The one building is essentially a greenhouse with no A/C.  You can see in the picture that Emily was quite resourceful in appropriating a sandwich board to provide shade for the cake.

Flowers can really make a cake.  First are some cakes with sugar flowers that give a slightly more formal look than fresh flowers.  The first with the gumpaste flower cascade went to Morgan Run Golf Club up in Rancho Santa Fe, the second with the bling tier separators went to Riverwalk Golf Club in Mission Valley while the final vines with pink flowers went to a private home.

Fresh flowers can really turn a plain jane cake into a stunner.   First up is a very dramatic stucco frosted cake that’s been highlighted with metallic gold around the top of each tier.  This went to a private home that had a dramatic view of the ocean from it’s perch above La Costa Resort in Carslbad.  The second has a gorgeous cascade of fresh dahlias that Lydia arranged at the Manchester Hyatt downtown.  Finally, there’s a quietly beautiful cake that went to a gorgeous old home in Mission Hills.


After praising Emily and Lydia while throwing myself under the bus above, I have to pull myself out and say I still can do a decent job in piping — which is almost a lost art with all the focus on fondant these days.  Here’s a couple of cakes I did that involved some old school piping work.


We did have a few unique wedding cakes in the past month or so.  First up is a rustic crate and vine cake that was delivered to a farm out in east county.  It’s great for a fall wedding.  Next is a rather dramatic cake with Cupid’s Arrow being shot through the cake.  Finally, there’s a rather masculine cake for two gay men who had their reception at the Museum of Natural History in Balboa Park.

I’ll close out the wedding section with a cupcake tree that was set up in Spanish Village in Balboa Park.  I think the setting contributed to a particularly pretty picture of a cupcake tree.  Next is a three tier cake with some mini-cupcakes that went to the Rancho Bernardo Inn this past Sunday.  Finally there’s a “semi-naked” cake that went up to Green Gables in Vista.


Okay, it hasn’t all been weddings in the last month or so.  We’ve done a ton of birthdays and baby showers along with a few corporate orders.  Here’s some highlights.  They’re all pretty self-explanatory.   You can click on any image to see a larger one.




Well that’s it for the Lydia and Emily Appeasement Post.  Hopefully this keeps them happy for another month!

In all seriousness, I’m very grateful to have both of them plus Michelle and Patrick working on cakes for Twiggs.  They all do a great job and are very conscientious.  And I shouldn’t stop with them.  I’m grateful for our manager, Mitch, who has about 50 balls in the air at all times.  Jose and Zach do a fantastic job with breakfast each day while Marcos and Zach are so consistent with the morning pastries that I never have to think about them.   The whole back of the house staff at Adams Avenue is a blessing.  And our front of the house staff is great at remembering customers and their regular orders such that 3/4’s of our customers don’t even have to order when they come up to the counter.

Meanwhile, Norma, Cassidy, Brandon and the rest of the staff at our Park Boulevard location is the stongest it’s been in years.  They’ve really cultivated a culture of friendly counter service that’s so essential to any customer service business.

I have a lot to be grateful for.  I’m a lucky guy.  Until next time . . .





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