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Mid October Cakes
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Mid October Cakes

Custom Cakes

I didn’t do a blog post last week as Bernie and I were on a short vacation to San Francisco, my favorite city.  It was great to get away and get a little inspiration for Twiggs in the ultimate foodie city.  Emily, Lydia and Jose did a great job holding down the fort while we were gone.  So here’s some cakes from the past two weekends.

Eric was coming down to San Diego with his girlfriend for a weekend in America’s Finest City.  He wanted to surprise her with a recreation of her favorite purse, a Versace purse with an embossed Greek key design and their signature gold Medusa head emblem.  This ended up being a tag team effort.  Emily was going to do the whole purse but her 3 year old daughter ended up getting sick, so Emily had to go home early so I took over.  Fortunately, Emily had finished the super tedious embossing and had already finished the Medusa and purse handles.  I finished up the side pocket, top zipper, other details and assembly.  It’s a little disconcerting taking over someone else’s project, particulary when it has to be delivered in 2 hours.  But Emily had set me up great and the final product looked wonderful.  I even got a “is that a real purse or a cake?” inquiry from the milk delivery guy who came in right when I was finishing the cake.

Lauren and Corey got married last weekend at Cottonwood Golf Club out in El Cajon.  Lauren’s sister had just booked her wedding cake with us for December.  Her mother had come in with her to pay the balance on Lauren’s cake and the deposit for her sister’s the Monday before Lauren’s wedding.  Of course, I want to do a great job on every bride and groom’s wedding cake.  But when you know there’s another wedding cake sort of riding on this one, you feel a bit extra pressure.  Fortunately, when I was vacationing in San Francisco, Emily and Lydia did a great job baking, decorating and delivering Lauren’s elegant cake.


Alicia and Jon got married at the Rancho Bernardo Inn.  Alicia had selected an elegant design which alternated layers of a classic fondant quilting pattern with a piped design from their invitation.  This is another cake that Emily just did a great job decorating while I was walking around Golden Gate Park.

Now a few thumbnails of other cakes from the past 2 weeks.  First up is a pretty fondant cake that had plain top and bottom tiers with a rather busy piped design on the middle tier.  The photo doesn’t really do the cake justice.  I was very happy with this cake.  Next is a small wedding cake with some contemporary swirls, beautiful mums and a cute topper.  Next is a birthday cake with Yoda on top, a cake for a real fan of Conan O’Brien and a groom’s cake with a replica of an old Information Society album cover.  You can click on any image to see a larger version.




So that’s it for another blog post.  This coming weekend is the last really busy weekend for wedding cakes here at Twiggs — we’ve got about 8 of them.  I’ll let you know how they all go next week.  Thanks as always for keeping us so busy.  Bernie and I are very grateful for how busy we are and what a great staff we have that allows us to take off for vacation and really not worry about the business at all while we’re away and just enjoy ourselves.  So thanks to our great staff as well!

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