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Post Labor Day Dip
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Post Labor Day Dip

Custom Cakes

Last weekend was one of the slower weekends we’ve had in quite a while here at Twiggs Bakery.  I’ve owned Twiggs long enough to know this is normal.  There’s a flurry of activity for Labor Day weekend, but  the first weekend post Labor Day is traditionally slower.  We “only” had three weddings but several other orders.  Things stay slow for another week and then by Sept 22 we’re jamming again and October is one of the two busiest wedding months of the whole year for San Diego.  We’re completely booked for a few weekends in October already.  So rather than moan about being slower, it’s actually nice to have a little break.  And everything’s relative.  Last weekend’s “slow” weekend would have been a pretty busy weekend for us 2-3 years ago.  So I’m not complaining in any way.

The weekend did present one big challenge — getting a wedding cake to look like a birch tree.  The bride had an inspiration picture that just let me scratching my head wondering how in the world they did it.  But I’ve been doing cakes for a while and have some tricks up my sleeve so I played around for a while and came up with something I was pretty darn pleased with.  The cake was suppose to get some succulents added to to it which would have really made the cake.  When I dropped the cake off, however, the florist wasn’t there yet.  I actually went back to the venue after my other delivery to see if the cake had been finished with the succulents so I could get a final picture.  Unfortunately, the florist seemed to be running way behind schedule so I was left with a picture of the plain cake.  I’ll have to track down the photographer from the wedding to get a finished shot.

Next up is a groom’s cake we did for Jill and Nate to accompany the wedding cake we made for them.  The cake — a replica of a baseball mitt, bat and ball — was Jill’s surprise for Nate.   Chocolate Peanut Butter is Nate’s favorite flavor combination and Jill wanted to use that for the groom’s cake.  She didn’t want Nate to try it for the wedding cake as she knew he’d pick that for their wedding cake flavor.  So when they came in for their tasting, we had specific instructions from Jill to not have the chocolate peanut butter flavor to taste and not even mention that we have that as an option.  So they picked Strawberries and Cream along with German Chocolate for their wedding cake flavors and we did the chocolate peanut butter for their groom’s cake.  Both cakes came out great, but the groom’s cake was certainly unique and fun.


Next up are 4 other cakes we did this past weekend.  The first is a Mario Brothers themed tiered cake and a Princess Cake with candy jewels we made.  Both cakes were for the same party.  Next is a Minnie Mouse themed cake and cupcakes for Genina’s first birthday.  I thought it was very cute.  Finally a small wedding cake with a rough stucco style frosting and fondant roses and gumpaste gladiolas ringing the base of each tier.  The top is waiting the topper the couple had purchased.  You can click on any of these images to see a larger version.


So that’s it for last weekend.  We have another steady weekend coming up so I’ll post those images next week.  Thanks as always for keeping us busy and giving us interesting challenges.  One of the great things about owning a bakery is that you get to participate in happy times in people’s lives.  Thanks for celebrating your lives with Twiggs!

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