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The Weekend of Unusual Wedding Cakes
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The Weekend of Unusual Wedding Cakes


This past weekend was super busy at Twiggs in all aspects.  The Adams Avenue Unplugged Street Festival was this past weekend and we had some performers in the cafe both Saturday and Sunday afternoon.  We’re always busy for breakfast on weekends, but this past weekend we were just slammed — particularly Saturday.  To top it off, we were just crazy busy for bakery orders.  We’d actually stopped taking orders for last weekend about 2 weeks prior we had so many orders.  Among all the orders were 6 weddings.  Usually when we have 3 or more weddings, you can count on one or two being rather traditional wedding cakes — triple swiss dot or something like that.  They make for classic wedding cakes but, honestly, as a decorator, they’re not particularly exciting to work on.  After you’ve decorated over 300 wedding cakes in a triple swiss dot pattern, it long ago became routine.  But this past weekend was unusual in that every wedding cake had a unique design or set-up.  It makes this job a lot more fun and interesting when you’re working on new things.   Emily delivered a few of the cakes so I don’t have pictures of them yet (she has Monday off).  So I’ll post three of the cakes I delivered.

Rebecca and David were getting married at the Martin Johnson House.  Rebecca had found a cake she adored in Martha Stewart.  Rebecca’s dream cake was a 7 tier fondant covered cake that would have fed 175-200 people.  Their wedding, however, was for 80.  I ended up already having the same stencils that had been used on the magazine cake, so I did a scaled down version of the cake featuring their wedding colors — a deep purple and gray.  When I got to the reception site, the florist had white hydrangeas and purple sweet peas to finish the cake.  I thought it looked great.


The next cake went to Park Manor Suites.  I’ve written a couple of blog posts about Park Manor and the story has changed about their future once again.  Initially, they were closing this venue and converting to time shares.  Then they were going to keep this venue open, but close the hotel to time share only.  Now the hotel will remain a hotel.  It’s owned by a time share company and will be available to their time-share holders as an option to vacation at, but it will also be open to the general public as a regular hotel.  The hotel is undergoing a major renovation and that renovation includes a complete remodel of the top floor / penthouse used as the wedding venue.  I had to stop and do a double take when I walked off the elevator.  The room used to have a very classic elegance.  Now it’s extremely modern and contemporary.  It still looks fantastic — just in a very different way.  It’s now all gray with white accents.  Gemma, the bride, took this into account when she designed her cake.  The cake was white with gray ribbon and branches with yellow flowers, similar to forsythia.  The cake looked like it was made for the room and really popped.


Finally, the last cake I delivered Saturday went to the serene Estancia in La Jolla.  The bride wanted a very unusual set-up.  I’ve done this offset stacking a few times and it’s always a tad unnerving, but I was the most relaxed doing this one that I’ve been yet.  Organic Elements did the flowers and they just did a great job.  It was a very unique wedding cake, for sure, and had to be a conversation piece during the reception.

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