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When straight guys plan the wedding cake
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When straight guys plan the wedding cake

Wedding Cake

Justin’s a Navy seal stationed in San Diego.  He’s about to be deployed, so he and his long time girlfriend decided they want to get married before he leaves.  Since she lives up in Washington, Justin was left with doing most of the planning on his own since they were on a very short time line.  They decided to get married and have the reception on a Hornblower yacht, which makes things easier since they sell a package that includes many things.

When Justin sat down with Bernie for the cake tasting, he said he wanted the cake to have the Navy Seal emblem, the state of Texas since he’s from there, salmon since they met in Alaska when she was working at a salmon processing plant and ducks since he’s an avid duck hunter.  Um . . . okay . . . are you sure your fiance is on board for this?  He says she is.  Okay!  We’ve done some odd wedding cakes here at Twiggs, but this ranks up there with some of the most unusual.  It’s really much more of a groom’s cake, but to each their own.  And really that’s my philosophy.  It’s their wedding, not mine.  So if they want a wedding cake with ducks, salmon and Texas on it, that’s what they’ll get.

A few days after the tasting, Justin sends an e-mail saying they want the salmon to be silver, Texas to be red and blue, the Navy Seal emblem to be gold and the ducks to be brown and green.  Also, his fiance wants some blue on the cake.  It was a design challenge to figure out how to make that all work together — or at least not fight each other.  I had to smile and shake my head when we finished the cake.  I was concerned, however, that the bride might burst into tears when she saw her wedding cake — and not in a good way.    Fortunately, after a few days, the following e-mail showed up in my inbox:

Just wanted to let you know that our cake on Saturday was OUTSTANDING. I could not have imagined that the cake would look that good. Thank you so much for your services. I’ll definitely recommend your bakery to anyone and everyone in the future. 
Thank you again for helping make our day special,    Justin
Whew!   So here it is, one of the most unusual wedding cakes we’ve ever done at Twiggs.  You can click on each image to see a larger version.
You can’t really tell from the picture, but the bottom tier has ducks and salmons alternating all around the tier.  The top tier has Texas in front and then red and blue stars going around the rest of the tier.   The Navy Seal emblem is on top of the cake.
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