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Whiskey and uncooperative children
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Whiskey and uncooperative children

Custom Cakes

There’s an ebb and flow to work and orders here at Twiggs Bakery.  This past week was a slight ebb, which allowed us to get ready for the huge flow for the next month — which is pretty darn booked up.  Although we lacked somewhat in quantity this past week, we more than made up for it in quality, if I do say so myself.  First up is a recreation of a Jameson’s Whiskey bottle in cake. Emily worked on this and did all the lettering and labels by hand — no edible images for this cake!  She did an incredible job and was understandably proud of her edible whiskey bottle.  Below are front and back views as well as a close-up of the label.  You can click on the 2nd and 3rd pictures to see a larger image.


Emily also did a recreation of the Lord of the Rings book with Smegal popping out from inside the book.  This was another great job, though I’m beginning to feel a little inferior to Emily in decorating skills.  The Student Has Become The Master! as we joke in the bakery.

Sometimes children don’t do what their parents would like them to do.  I got a somewhat harried call two weeks ago from Deborah who lives in Washington.  Her son was having an extremely casual wedding with a lot of last minute planning this past weekend.  I got the clear impression from Deborah that this wasn’t her preference, but she was supporting her son like a good mom.  Being in a destination wedding spot like San Diego, we probably do 15-20 weddings a year where we never actually meet with anyone and just arrange everything over the phone.  This was one of those weddings and Deborah felt a little uncomfortable with that, but I worked to put her mind at ease.  She picked a flavor and a design and then paid over the phone.  The reception was at Basic Pizza in the East Village very near Petco.  It’s actually a great warehouse space with a real industrial feel – but with tons of open windows and air.  I got a very nice note from Deborah on Monday thanking us for the cake – both taste and look — as well as thanking me for putting her mind at ease.  So here’s what you can get with two week notice arranging everything long distance.  I thought it looked great, particularly in the industrial setting:

Lastly, we had another wedding with a cake buffet rather than a traditional wedding cake.  This was another casual wedding.  When I asked the bride what the colors were for her wedding, she shrugged. Yet, she came in with very specific ideas about the designs she wanted for her cakes.  Honestly, I was a little concerned about how these were all work together as there was no common color or style among them.  And yet, it all sort of worked, which I think is the beauty of cake buffets.  No matter how disparate the designs, it still adds up to a fun display.


So that’s it for another week.  We’ve got a ton of orders for the next two weeks and I’m not really sure beyond that — I haven’t looked that far yet.  So I’ve got to get back to work on decorating cakes, so I’ll end this here.  Thanks for keeping us so busy and for reading the blog.  Have a great week!


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