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Working Through The Heat
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Working Through The Heat

Custom Cakes

After living in Washington, DC for 7 years, I feel like a spoiled brat complaining about the heat here in San Diego.  But like everyone here, I’ve adapted to year long mild weather and when it gets into the upper 80’s I complain.  Last week was one of the few times all year when it gets more than warm here in Southern California.  That can make deliveries particularly problematic as no buttercream frosted cake enjoys being in the heat.  But this year, I’ve come up with a delivery system involving large insulated boxes and ice packs.  Now our cakes arrive on site nice and cool like they’ve just come out of the refrigerator.  It’s taken a great deal of the stress and worry out of delivering in the heat.  Now I’ll stop patting myself on the back so I can type with two hands.

We deal with a lot of brides here at Twiggs and they come in all varieties.  Lisa was the best kind of bride to deal with — the happy bride.  She and Jeff were married at the Bayview Room on MCRD which is probably my favorite of all the military venues.  Happy brides generally get happy cakes and Lisa wanted a very modern cake in green and coral.  It was a very fun cake and I thought it looked great.

Coral is in now and Deandra wanted a cake with a coral stencil on the side of her cake along with a monogram.  And Erin and David got married at Park Manor Suites, which has a terrific venue on the top floor overlooking Balboa Park and much of Banker’s Hill.  They selected a cake loaded with edible pearls, another very popular option now.

Alli swam the English Channel over the summer and her colleagues at the Museum of Contemporary Art in La Jolla wanted to celebrate her achievement.  So we made a cake with a little swimmer crossing the channel with England and France denoted by their flags.  Alli herself is Italian, so our fondant swimmer had a swim cap with the colors of the Italian flag.   Finishing this cake wasn’t quite the same achievement as Alli’s, but it was a fun cake.

I’ll close with some other cakes we’ve done over the past couple of weeks which were fun, cute or impressive enough to show off here.   There’s a 3-D Chocolate Doughnut, a baby in a bath tub for a baby shower, and a rubber duck on a 1 year old’s first birthday cake.  Allison and Rob got a wedding cake and a few other cakes from us last weekend.  They got married at Steele Canyon Golf Club out in Jamul.  The venue there is all outdoors which can be very pleasant at night but quite hot during the day.  They’re nice enough to let us set up the cake inside their office and then they take it outside when it’s cooler.  There’s a lot of places that won’t do that and I’m very grateful they do.   Their wedding cake had a cascade of handmade roses which took a long time and looked great.  But the picture is of a cake set up on an office desk with paperwork around it, so it’s not a great picture.  But we did take a picture of their groom’s cake in our bakery before delivering it.  It’s a spiderman tux and I’ve included that picture below.  Finally Lt. Col Schulman retired from the Marines and we made his retirement cake.  The Marine Emblem in the center of the cake was made by hand and looked great.  You can click on any of these images to see a larger one.



So that’s it for another post.  We remain extremely busy and are booked up for several upcoming weekends.  So, again, if you’re interested in getting a cake from us, the sooner you let us know, the better (within reason.  we had a tasting recently for a 2015 wedding.  That was a bit much.  You don’t need to plan that far ahead).    Anyway, thanks for reading this and for keeping us so busy!   I’m very grateful for how busy we are.







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