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Would you like fries with that Wedding Cake?
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Would you like fries with that Wedding Cake?

Custom Cakes

Most folks think of June as the most popular month for weddings and in a lot of the country it is.  But in San Diego, it’s actually the slowest summer month for weddings.  I think couples’ fear of having their wedding shrouded in the notorious “June Gloom” of coastal southern California has many couples plan for weddings in later summer and early fall months.  Still, we had 4-6 weddings each of the past weekends so it’s not like we’re sitting around playing tiddlywinks.  We’ve kept ourselves respectably employed.  And the couples who went out on a limb and planned their weddings for this past weekend were rewarded with glorious sunny skies.

We had two local weddings over the past two weekends.  And by local, I mean for neighbors whose receptions were less than 2 miles from our bakery.  I really like doing local weddings for the obvious benefit of having a close delivery.  But I also really like the real community feel you get in doing wedding cakes for neighbors.  We’ve had many regular customers over the years get their wedding cakes from us.  It’s fun to see them in the years following the wedding as they get pregnant, bring their kids in and just have Twiggs be a part of their lives in some small way.   So here are the two local wedding cakes we did.  Daniela and Angel had their reception at the Queen Bee in North Park.  Daniela wanted a very elegant cake and even made the ruffled cake stand herself.  Meanwhile, Tami and Luke had their reception in the back yard of their home in Normal Heights complete with catering by a food truck.  Their cake was a little more casual with two very cute ducks for a topper.  Here are their cakes which both looked great.

Andrea and Kellan got married at Marina Village in Mission Beach — a very popular spot for couples not looking to break the bank on their wedding.  They got a very simple, small cake that I normally wouldn’t feature in this blog.  But they did such a great job of setting up the table, I thought it was worthwhile showing what you can do to make a striking presentation with a modest budget and turn a very simple cake into a statement.

Rob and Jackie got married and had their reception at the recently renovated Bali Hai on Shelter Island.  They had a very personalized cake with words all over the cake that had meaning to them — places they’d lived, schools they’d attended, family relationships they had and activities they did together or separately.  Rob went to Clemson for undergrad and is a big Tigers fan, so they got a groom’s cake with a Clemson tiger paw on top.  It’s funny, but this is about the 5th Clemson cake we’ve done over the years, making it one of the top university alumni cake we’ve done, excluding schools in San Diego or Los Angeles.  We’re a long way from Clemson, South Carolina and it’s not often I meet Clemson alumni here.  But I guess they’re particularly rabid fans.

Here’s a great cake with fondant ruffles complimented perfectly by some happy gerber daisies.  It’s a very modern take on a wedding cake.


The next cake was for a commanding officer in the Army.  Apparently he thinks of himself as a real health nut and talks often about what he does to keep fit.  But every time someone goes out for lunch, he requests a meal from Mickey D’s.  So his staff got him a cake with his standard lunch request made from rice cereal treats on top.

Finally, I can’t close out  blog post without at least a couple of kid’s cakes — our bread and butter.  We did a very cute tiger laying in the grass and yet another Minnie Mouse cake.   You can click on either image to see a larger version.

Well, that closes out another blog post.  Thanks for reading the blog and for keeping us so busy.  I’m very grateful for each and every order.

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