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Catching Up

Well, I’m really behind on my “weekly” Twiggs blog posts.  I took a short vacation plus we’ve just been super busy and I just haven’t found time to post here.  But I’ve got a little bit of time now and there’s a lot to cover since the last post so we’ll get right to it.  […]


Doing Deliveries with Car Trouble

I had 5 deliveries last Saturday for Twiggs and the second worst nightmare for cake deliveries happened — the van I was driving broke down.  (The worst nightmare is something happening to the cake itself — dropping it, etc).  There were two very fortunate things about this breakdown — actually three.  The first was that […]


Unique Cakes for Casual to Elegant Affairs

It was another busy weekend at Twiggs Bakery this past weekend, but a bit more manageable than the past two weekends.  Two of the wedding cakes we did were new designs for us and both turned out fantastic, though they were for very different weddings with very different vibes.  Stephanie and Scott got married at […]


Good Grief, We’re Busy!

I’m happy to report the recession is long over for Twiggs.  Our cafes are doing great — especially breakfast on weekends — actually the entire weekend is strong for both stores.  And I don’t think our bakery has ever been busier.  We’re so busy, I didn’t get around to my weekly post last week as […]


Celebrating Birthdays from -6 Months to 97 Years Old

We set a record this past weekend with the widest age range for birthday cakes we’ve ever done at Twiggs Bakery.  We did a gender reveal cake for a little boy who’s 6 months away from emerging from mom’s womb into this world and a baby shower cake for a little girl who’s about 2 months […]


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