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Whiskey and uncooperative children

There’s an ebb and flow to work and orders here at Twiggs Bakery.  This past week was a slight ebb, which allowed us to get ready for the huge flow for the next month — which is pretty darn booked up.  Although we lacked somewhat in quantity this past week, we more than made up […]


Calls, calls, calls

We’ve just been swamped the last few weeks with e-mails and phone calls about cake pricing here at Twiggs.  There were so many last week that I actually didn’t have time to do my weekly blog post.  So this post will combine the last couple of weeks plus a few more cakes from January when […]


A mellow weekend

This past weekend was a bit mellow here at Twiggs.   We had a solid set of orders, but nothing crazy, so we all got to work at a somewhat relaxed pace.  Our breakfast which has been super busy on weekends, ended up being extremely mellow on Sunday.  With the time change (spring forward!) I think […]


Joy in small things

We often find ourselves in the knock-off business here at Twiggs Bakery.  95% of customers buy what they can see.  They either see a picture on our website that they want duplicated, possibly with some small changes, or they e-mail us a picture of a cake they saw on some other website.  I completely understand […]


Back to Busy!

We’ve been in a slight lull here in the bakery portion of  Twiggs.  Fortunately, the cafes are doing well — particularly breakfast at Adams Avenue which has become a booming business for us.  As for the bakery, this past weekend was pretty darn busy.  There’s always a lull at the bakery in January and the […]


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