Cakes and Pies
Following are the flavors that Twiggs offers:


White Velvet — a super moist vanilla cake with cream cheese frosting


Miss Hazeltine’s Chocolate Cake — a chocolate buttermilk cake with chocolate cream cheese filling

Strawberries and Cream — a chiffon cake with local strawberry jam and a light cream filling

Red Velvet — a Southern tradition.  Vanilla cake with a hint of cocoa.  Toasted pecan cream cheese filling.

Lemon Poppyseed — a lemon buttermilk cake with a tart lemon cream filling that’s made in house.

Mexican Chocolate — a chocolate cinnamon cake spiced with cayenne and black pepper.  Cinnamon cream cheese filling

German Chocolate — chocolate cake with the classic caramel-pecan-coconut filling.

Chocolate Peanut Butter — chocolate cake with a rich peanut butter frosting

Carrot Cake — the best carrot cake you’ve ever had.  Toasted walnuts in the batter.  Cream cheese frosting.

Banana Fudge — a moist banana cake with a creamy fudge filling

Premium Cake Options

Tiramisu — an espresso soaked chiffon cake with a creamy mascarpone filling

Key Lime Coconut — a chiffon cake layered with key lime curd and coconut cream

Passion Fruit — a chiffon cake with a tropical passion fruit custard.  Topped with fresh fruit.

Pricing for standard retail cakes (about 3″ high)

Size               Serves      Classic        Variety      Premium

6″ Round         8              $30             $36              $42

8″ Round       12              $36             $42              $54

10″ Round     16              $48             $54              $66

10″ Square    25             $66              $78              $90

12″ Square     35             $84             $96             $105

14″ Square     50             $105           $120           $140

16″ Square     70            $150            $170           $190

16″x24″        100            $180            $210           $225

Statement / Event Cakes

The above pricing is for our standard retail cakes which are 3″ high.  If you’d like an individual cake (or cakes) for a very special occasion (baby shower, milestone birthday, etc) and want your cake to make more of a statement, we offer cakes in “wedding height size” (about 4.5″).  These cakes are frosted in buttercream to give a smoother, more finished look.  All the flavors listed above are offered as statement cakes for the following pricing.  Please note that these are base prices for cakes.  Décor items may increase the cost depending on how time consuming they are.

Classic options:  $6 / serving

Variety options:  $7 / serving

Premium options:  $8 / serving

Tiered Cakes

Tiered cakes come in “wedding height” size but are slightly more than the statement pricing above due to the additional cost of the items used in stacking the cake along with the additional time required to stack and package a tiered cake.  Base pricing follows.  Décor items may increase the cost depending on how time consuming they are.  The minimum serving count for a tiered cake is 30 servings.

Classic options:  $6 / serving

Variety options:  $7 / serving

Premium options:  $8 / serving

Other options:  unfortunately the following can not be made into statement or tiered cakes

Espresso Truffle Cake:  (gluten free):  flourless chocolate espresso cake.  Quite rich.   8″ only   $48

New York Cheesecake:  graham cracker crust, Creamy cheesecake with a hint of lemon.   8″ only  $40



We offer cupcakes in the following flavors:

  • Red Velvet
  • White Velvet
  • Miss Hazeltine’s Chocolate Buttermilk
  • Mexican Chocolate
  • Chocolate Peanut Butter
  • Lemon
  • Lemon Poppyseed
  • German Chocolate
  • Banana Fudge

Cupcakes come with a simple swirl of frosting on top.

Minimum order: 12 of any one flavor

Cupcakes: $3.50 each.

Scrolls / Inscriptions

We write inscriptions in chocolate on a fondant scroll.

These scrolls are easily placed atop any cake whether it has fresh fruit or a simple flat surface.

There is a $2 charge for each scroll.

Note: We only make pies during November and December.