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Back to Busy!
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Back to Busy!

Custom Cakes

We’ve been in a slight lull here in the bakery portion of  Twiggs.  Fortunately, the cafes are doing well — particularly breakfast at Adams Avenue which has become a booming business for us.  As for the bakery, this past weekend was pretty darn busy.  There’s always a lull at the bakery in January and the beginning of February, so I was never concerned.  But it is good to see a wall of orders and cakes going out along with all the breakfast plates on Saturday and Sunday morning.   Here’s some cakes we did this past weekend:

Catarina’s in the Navy and is about to be transferred to New Jersey.  Some friends wanted to get her a cake in the shape of a suit case with luggage tags from San Diego and New Jersey.  The cake just came out great.   You can click on the second image to see a larger version.

We do a ton of kid’s cakes here at Twiggs and by far we do more first birthday cakes than any other.  New parents, in particular, are more excited about their first child’s first birthday than others and are willing to spend a little money on cakes to celebrate the big day.  Maya turned 1 this past weekend and her mom wanted a very colorful cake with various instruments around the cake.  I was really happy with how this one turned out.  The first picture is a straight on front view.  The next two pictures show slight side views so you can better see the little instruments on the sides.  You can click on either the 2nd or 3rd picture to see a larger version.


 One of the perks of working at a bakery that does a lot of kid’s cakes is that you really keep abreast of all the shows popular with the 10 and under crowd.  At least I like to think of it as a perk.  I learned about a new show this past weekend (at least new to me) — Little Big Planet.  We did a Little Big Planet themed cake along with cakes celebrating more familiar characters — the cars from the movie Cars, Batman and his foes along with Minnie Mouse.  Then there’s a cake with some happy stars, a cake for a skateboarder and some cupcakes for an XBox theme party.  You can click on any of these images to see a larger version.




We couldn’t have kid’s birthday cakes if we didn’t have babies being born which means baby shower cakes.  We did two this past weekend — one with a little baby sleeping on clouds and a small cake announcing “baby” on top.   Click on either image to see a larger version.


To finish out the weekend, here’s a pretty tiered cake in chocolate and blue, a classic triple swiss dot wedding cake with a non-classic topper, a paint splatter theme with a real 80’s vibe and a simple but pretty cake for a woman who loves dragonflies and the color purple.  Again, click on any image to see a larger version.



So that’s it for another week.  Weddings are picking back up — we have four this coming weekend.  It’s Monday and orders for birthday cakes and other celebrations are starting to come in, so I’m sure we’ll have another full weekend coming up.  Thanks for reading the blog and for keeping us busy.  I’m extremely grateful!

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