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Even more Kid’s Cakes
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Even more Kid’s Cakes

Custom Cakes

Another busy weekend has passed at Twiggs.  Busy weekends have become the new normal here, which I’m beyond grateful for.  We’re actually settling into the pace needed now.  8 months ago, this past weekend would have been a challenge.  Now it flowed very smoothly and everything got done without any panic, which is great.  We even have our first intern now, which was a big help in getting some of the work done.

We’re doing so many cakes now that many of our orders are from folks who had our cakes at a party they attended.  The first cake up was ordered by a dad who was at the birthday party that had the 3-D Pooh in the “hunny” jar I featured a couple of weeks ago.  He was so impressed with that cake that he came in to order a cake for his own son’s first birthday.  He wanted a lion cake.  We went over a few options and he decided a 2-D cake fit his budget best.  People fascinate me and the range of  people I deal with is always interesting.  Some folks would say basically to do a 2-D lion and we trust you, just make it cute.   He was one of those customers who was very specific about what he wanted.  At one point, he even took the order form from me (a first) and wrote down himself what he wanted to make sure I had it:  “happy face,” “yellow skin,” “orange hair” and “3-D dimension to hair” were all on the booking form in his handwriting.  Then he e-mailed me a picture for the lion face he wanted on the smash cake that accompanied the main (mane?) cake.  I had my marching orders.  Here it is.  You can click on the smash cake picture to see a bigger image.


Many, maybe most, folks buy what they can see.  We’ve got 6-8 different designs for baby shower cakes on this website and almost everyone picks one of these designs because they can see what it will look like.  It can get a little uninteresting to make the same cake over and over, so it’s great when someone has a new idea.  It’s fun to work on something new and then we have another option for folks to look at when they check out the website.  Here’s a new design for us — a cake with a silhouette of a pregnant woman.  It’s sort of an idealized silhouette.  One regular customer who has three kids joked “I looked just like that when I was pregnant!” when she saw the cake when I took it out for a photo.


Finally, a princess theme cake for a 7 year old.  I delivered this cake.  Every inch of the ceiling in the formal dining room was covered with helium ballons with colored strings hanging down.  It made for a very festive feeling.


That’s it for this post.  Thanks as always for reading.  And thanks for keeping the orders coming in!  We’re extremely appreciative!






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