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A mellow weekend

This past weekend was a bit mellow here at Twiggs.   We had a solid set of orders, but nothing crazy, so we all got to work at a somewhat relaxed pace.  Our breakfast which has been super busy on weekends, ended up being extremely mellow on Sunday.  With the time change (spring forward!) I think […]


Joy in small things

We often find ourselves in the knock-off business here at Twiggs Bakery.  95% of customers buy what they can see.  They either see a picture on our website that they want duplicated, possibly with some small changes, or they e-mail us a picture of a cake they saw on some other website.  I completely understand […]


Back to Busy!

We’ve been in a slight lull here in the bakery portion of  Twiggs.  Fortunately, the cafes are doing well — particularly breakfast at Adams Avenue which has become a booming business for us.  As for the bakery, this past weekend was pretty darn busy.  There’s always a lull at the bakery in January and the […]


Make It Work

Lauren and Nick got married this past Saturday at the Admiral Kidd Club, a military venue on Pt. Loma with an incredible view across the bay of the San Diego Skyline.  February weddings can be a little iffy with the weather, but Lauren and Nick lucked out with a gorgeous day that felt like spring.  […]


Kids and the Wedding Doldrums

Thank Goodness for Kids — their births and their birthdays.   It’s the wedding doldrum season, so it’s slow in the bakery right now.  Thank goodness for kid’s cakes or we’d be playing Spades to pass the time.  My staff would probably enjoy that, but our bank account certainly wouldn’t.  (And thank goodness our breakfast / […]


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