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In Memoriam — Nial Castle
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In Memoriam — Nial Castle


If you came to Twiggs University Heights location anytime in the past decade before 10am, you knew Nial Castle.  Nial was a fixture every morning holding court in the front corner of our shop with long time friend Richard.  I thought of Nial and Richard as Waldorf and Statler — the two curmudgeonly muppets who sat in the balcony on the muppet show making comments on the passing parade.  People would join their their circle and then move on to their day.  At times, Nial and Richard sat alone.  At other times there’d be 10 people around them.

Nial was a fighter pilot during World War II with the Black Sheep Squadron fighting in the Pacific theatre.  He won 3 Distinguished Flying Cross medals for missions over the Phillipines and was honored in a parade in the Phillipines on the 50th anniversary of their liberation in 2004.  Nial was very proud of his service and spoke of it often.  He subsequently fought in the Korean War before leaving the military in 1960.

Nial was a pistol.  Five years ago when he was 86, he went on a 4 hour motorcycle ride with some of our staff.  A couple of years ago, he stopped riding his motorcycle and would drive his camper van to Twiggs.  Nial also was an artist who specialized in copying the work of some of the great masters.  For the last couple of years, a huge recreation of Renoir’s Luncheon of the Boating Party that Nial had done hung on our back wall.  For years while in his 80’s, Nial would take his art to the Kobey Swap Meet to sell.  We should all be so lucky to be so active in our 80’s.

Nial passed away Aug 1 just a couple months short of his 91st birthday.

There will be a celebration of Nial’s life on Sunday, August 28 at noon at Twiggs in University Heights.  Everyone who knew Nial is invited to come and share stories of our very unique friend.

We’ll miss you, Nial.  Mornings aren’t the same without you.  Rest in peace.

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