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A few fun cakes from last weekend
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A few fun cakes from last weekend


Another very busy weekend of cake making here at Twiggs has passed.  It’s getting tougher to decide which cakes to feature here on the blog as we’re doing so many fun cakes now.  For a while, I thought it didn’t matter what I wrote or featured as I figured no one was reading it.  But last weekend a couple of different folks came in to order cakes and mentioned something they’d read on this blog.  My reaction was basically “you actually read the blog?!?!?”  Afterwards, I felt like Steve Martin in The Jerk jumping around yelling “The new phone books are here!  The new phone books are here!” I was so surprised and happy someone other than my staff was reading this!  So with a renewed sense of gravitas and self-importance, I present 3 fun cakes from the past few days.

First up is a graduation cake for Emily, who graduated from USD on Sunday.  This is definitely graduation cake season;  we’ve done many graduation cakes over the past couple of weeks and have a few more scheduled in the coming weeks.  Emily’s mom had seen this cake on our website but wanted it done in USD dark and light blues.   It’s a fun, happy cake.  Hopefully Emily enjoyed it.

Next up is a Dr. Seuss cake.  Micah’s mom took a while debating on whether to get this cake or not.  I completely understand that spending over $100 on a kid’s first birthday cake can make young parents pause.  But ultimately she decided to splurge and was very happy with the result.  I’m glad, as I really enjoy working on cakes like these.  It’s rewarding when someone gets excited when they see their cake for the first time.  She’d requested a cat in the hat, but I threw in a Horton and the “Oh, the places you’ll go.” 


Finally, a manager at a warehouse wanted to get cakes that looked like pepperoni pizzas for the workers in the warehouse.  This was another project that was fun to work on and figure out how to pull off.  The crust around the edge is covered with marzipan and then carmelized with a propane torch to give that baked appearance.  The tomato sauce is red-tinted chocolate cream cheese frosting and the cheese is white chocolate that we used a zester to grate off the bar.  Finally, I used red fondant with strips of white fondant rolled in to replicate the pepperoni.  When I took it out to the cafe to get a picture, one customer said “Is that a real pizza or is that a cake?”  YES!   Mission accomplished.


That’s it for this post.

Thanks for reading the blog!




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