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Catching Up
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Catching Up


Well, I’m really behind on my “weekly” Twiggs blog posts.  I took a short vacation plus we’ve just been super busy and I just haven’t found time to post here.  But I’ve got a little bit of time now and there’s a lot to cover since the last post so we’ll get right to it.  We’ve really done some great wedding cakes in the last month if I do say so myself — and I do.  Sarah and Matt got married at the San Diego Zoo, which can be a very fun and unique place to have a wedding.  Sarah had bought two red pandas for the top of her cake and wanted us to recreate these on the lower tiers.  I’m not sure why she didn’t pay the person who made the toppers to do the other ones or why she didn’t have us do all three sets, as it was a little time-consuming to try to match the toppers.  In the end, however, I thought they turned out great and if you didn’t know, you’d have thought the same person made all three sets.  Bravo Emily!

Now from fun to classic . . . Dana and Raul got married this past Saturday at the gorgeously situated Scripps Seaside Forum.  Dana wanted a classic and elegant wedding cake with bands of embossed fondant.  Lydia actually went on a shopping trip searching for just the right stamp to do the embossing.  It turned out beautifully and I heard from the coordinator that Dana and Raul loved their cake.  Below is a picture of the whole cake along with a close-up of the embossed fondant band.

Here are a few more wedding cakes of note we’ve done over the last few weeks — from elegant to casual to a very unique not-for-everyone Day of the Dead themed black wedding cake.  You can click on any image to see a larger version.



We did a very cute rubber duck for a baby shower.  Apparently this rubber duck is the mascot of some Argentinian soccer team, so the duck has the team colors and a little soccer ball beside it.  We also did an unusual rock and roll themed cake for a baby shower for a baby who’s dad is in a rock band.  Then we have a simple suitcase, a two tier cake with vines and teal daisies, a xylophone cake for a little kid and a zebra stripe cake with tons of bling.



Finally, a couple of weekends ago we did five first communion cakes.  It was sort of crazy, especially since three of them had the exact same design.  Here are three of them, one complete with a rosary circling the cake.


Well, that’s enough for this post.  Back to work.  There’s a ton of things to do for this weekend.   Thanks as always for keeping us so busy.  And if you want Twiggs to do a specialty cake for you, it’s best to contact us at least a month in advance.  We’re booked up for the next 3 weeks at this point.  It’s great to be so busy, but I hate turning people down, so plan ahead!    Thanks for reading the blog and supporting our business!










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